Just a little Scrap Busting with Flannel….Ehh

In the midst of my crankiness, I kept looking at this pile of scrap flannel that was just taking up valuable space (on my pool table AKA quilt project table).  So, I just decided to cut it up and see what I could get.  I had a bunch of blues and some lavender and purple.  This is what I got out of the blues with just a few squares left over for the scrap bin.  It will make an OK gift or donation baby quilt.  Just some weird sized square blocks.  I had to use what I had the best way I could.  Just did some meandering for the quilting.  Nothing special.  This was a thinking quilt, meaning I did a lot of thinking while I was working on it,  not about the quilt, it did not take much thinking, but about my general crankiness.  I came to no real conclusions.  I am still a bit cranky.

So, I often wonder if I am the only one with weird issues.  I don’t really like to make quilts out of flannel.  The weirdness is that I think/feel that the fuzziness of flannel always looks dirty when I am done.  It looks like it has been laying around a while and needs to go into the washer.  I even try to be careful and make sure that my machine table is clean and that I always have clean hands, but the fuzziness of the flannel always looks dirty.  Just wondering if that is Compulsive Lori overthinking or anyone else ever feels that way?

I need to get over it, because at some point in my life I bought a bunch of flannel.  I need to do something with it.  Some of it is actually cute, but it is flannel.  Ugh.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


21 thoughts on “Just a little Scrap Busting with Flannel….Ehh

  1. I’ve never made anything out of flannel but I ALWAYS feel my quilts look very dirty/dingy after I have completed them. Before I got my longarm I was a little ashamed a couple times taking tops to the quilter. Am I just messier than others because the tops from other piecers always look crisp and clean sitting there? Personally I think no matter how clean you keep your house there is always going to be dust and anything that sits out unprotected like fabric for a quilt is going to get dusty. I don’t know you but if you are anything like me, you see more than someone else would unlaundered.

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    1. I dislike making flannel quilts. Did 2 of them and hand quilted them. they sit on the bottom of the quilt rack and I see them about every 4 years! Hang in there – you can try again tomorrow to see if the funk is gone. Hugs

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  2. Oh Lori, I think we would be great friends if we lived closer. I cannot remember the last time I was NOT cranky. Maybe we would cancel each other’s cranky out. 🙂 I also think flannel looks like it needs to be washed after the quilt is done but I love the snuggly feel of it in a quilt.

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  3. My cure for the crankies is a walk, a bubble bath, a LARGE cup of hot chocolate or a nap. Sometimes it takes all four. I actually love flannel, though I am usually making pajama pants with it. My mom used to make baby blankets by taking two complementary pieces, sewing them together and crocheting around the edge. I have lovely memories of those blankets, so maybe that’s why I like it so much? If I had U cranky pills I would send them! 😄

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  4. I don’t often use flannel…except for nightgowns and baby buntings…however, my twelve year old niece pets it and says “Soft.” So, if I use it, I recall her petting it and saying “Soft,” as I sew it. I’ve also made fleece and flannel blankets before I got into quilting…there are days you need a quick fix, or if you know better, you do better. I’m with Kathy…starting with the bubble bath and wine/tea…or hot cocoa made with milk. I rarely nap, but for some crankies, it’s the only cure.

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  5. I’ve never worked with flannel, but I can see how you might feel about it after it’s been handled a lot. But, I really like your “thinking” quilt — the colors are soft and beautiful. Someone is going to love receiving it! My cranky solution (happens more than I care to admit): go for a long walk. It’s hard for me to stay mad after I’ve had some fresh air.

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  6. I know exactly what you mean, I think that flannel looks and feels dirty too. I have been toying with the idea of making a flannel quilt, but I can’t get past the dirty look, so for now I will stick to crisp clean fabrics. Your quilt looks really cute though.

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  7. I don’t think I have one piece of flannel in my stash. I can’t think of anything I have ever made with flannel. I think I don’t like it because my mother made me wear flannel PJs when I was young..always too baggy. Funny how you equate a dislike of one thing to a totally different thing.

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  8. Hi Lori,
    I think your baby quilt is lovely. Your fabric choices blend together nicely. Some lucky baby and momma will love it! My cure for crankiness, (after chocolate) is put on some of your favorite happy music and sing along. Even if you feel you can’t carry a tune, just make a joyful noise! It always perks me up.
    Praying for you!

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