And… I am back

Successful Neck Fusion.  I am already getting the feeling back in my arms and legs.  I was told it might take a while for my spinal cord to recover, but I already see an improvement.  I did spend one night in the hospital, which was the right thing, despite the fat that I did not want to.  But the first night was a bit rough.  Glad it is over. and I can get back to my life.

So, yes, I have already been sewing.  Not the easiest thing to do with my star wars brace, but it is my happy place.  Not a lot, but every little bit counts. Reusable Paper Towels –   Sounds weird, but at my house, dish towels are used every day multiple per day.  It is hard to have enough and have a place to store them.  Then there is the fact that I am a freak also.  We have 3 dogs so if the towel gets dropped on the floor I am done with it , and in the laundry it goes.  Also, if I don’t know where the towel has been and it is out on the counter, in the laundry it goes.  The five second rule does not apply to dish towels at my house. I am using the JoAnn Fabrics dimensions. I had the flannel and am using some old towels that were in really good shape. I looked at buying yardage of terry cloth, but it was expensive and I did not like the feel of most. Easier to buy Bath towels, or use what I had.

So, I am done with the quilting on the Easter Topper. I tried to get fancy, but am still somewhat limited. I need more practice. So, before my surgery I attempted to make bias binding for this piece. Epic fail. I don’t make bias binding often and had to look up how to do it. Still did it wrong and wasted some fabric. I was not clear of mind right before the surgery, so I should not have attempted. Lesson learned. Hoping I have enough of something that matches to give it another go.

This is my contraption that I must wear. Super Attractive. Basically keeps me from moving my neck. I get to take it off for sleep, which I am quite happy about. It does look like something from Star Wars and I am still trying to come up with a witty name for it. The worst part about this surgery was the wait time before. You are left with your own thoughts, which are far worse than ay surgery could be. I have so many sewing things planned, I am hoping I can get to work on all of them soon.

Happy Sewing!

Happy Quilting!


15 thoughts on “And… I am back

  1. Healing is a process, and you want full recovery, so be kind to yourself! Yes, the contraption looks like something very futuristic. I’d love to know how you like using those “reusable paper towels”. I’ve seen the pattern and wondered about it. I wonder if you could use towel on one side and old tshirt on the other side? (Imagine a use for the left overs from tshirt quilts). My daughter kept a “towel bucket” in the kitchen when the laundry was 2 floors below. Every night before bed it was the “last load” of laundry. I have a hand towel and a dish drying towel on two hooks above the sink. I have trained the hubby that his hands get dried on the one in front. He dries the dishes, and it took him a bit of “training”…much like the training of children and dogs, to chose the proper towel. 😉

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  2. So nice to see you back, Lori. I’ve been wondering where you were. Missed your posts. Take good care of yourself, and take your time getting back to your projects. You don’t want to overdo it. But I’m happy to hear that things went well, and that you are on the road to recovery.

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  3. Lori it’s great to hear that your surgery went well. Your neck brace does look very futuristic; very different from the one my father had to wear. You’ve been sewing already? That’s good news. Just don’t overdo it and make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions. Had a friend that overdid things. It wasn’t good.

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