Going on a Safari….Baby quilt Top

So, I found this fabric when I was going through my stash and decided that it would make a cute baby quilt.  I must have thought that when I bought it, because I also have matching fabric for the back.  After I cut out all the animal squares, I turned around and sewed them back together with sashing.  My daughter thought this was totally crazy and a big waste of time.  She kept asking why I was cutting them up and I told her “So I can sew them back together”.  She just looked at me with that dumb founded look as if Mom had completely flipped out.

Even though she thinks I am crazy, it still came out cute.  It went together quickly, mostly because it was simple, I am sure.  Either way, I like it.  Not sure how I am going to quilt it, likely something simple.  It will make a great gift or go in the cedar chest for my someday, way way off grandchild.

My daughter is 13 and being an “OLD MOM”, I am always concerned that I may never meet my grandchildren.  So, I make quilts for them now, just in case. Whether I am here or not, they will have a quilt form their grandmother.  I know, in the words of my daughter, WEIRD.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


16 thoughts on “Going on a Safari….Baby quilt Top

  1. Cute quilt.
    One of my aunts use to make “diaper shirts”. These were sleeveless shirts and she embroidered ducks, flowers, etc. They were made of light, pastel fabric; but they were very sturdy. She made me a set when I was young girl just in case she wasn’t around when I had children. They were used and are now in my hope chest. Do people gave hope chests anymore?

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    1. I have one for my daughter. It has important things she will want one day. Some of her favorite baby clothes things that belonged to her father, who she doesn’t remember and things from me. When she was little I actually kept a journal about her. It is actually funny to read now.

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  2. Such a cute quilt – and I – like you – take great comfort in the idea that one day my warm, handmade blankets full of love will live longer than I do. I hope they will remind my people of me and how I shared my love in so many different ways.

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