OMG…..I Finished a Quilt

How truly unusual.  I feel like I am sometimes on the 10 year plan.
20170406_191847_resized_1This one is older than my daughter (she is the one peaking over the top).  That makes it 13+ years and I am pretty sure it may have actually been started in the late 1990’s….It was definitely prior to 2002.  I remember the house I was living in when I started this.

So, all that aside, I actually like this quilt.  While it is sort of scrappy, it sort of isn’t.  There are a lot of Asian themed fabrics, which I always find 20170329_192333_resizedpretty.  So, I don’t hate the quilting.  It was a new venture for me to do something other than meandering.  Although there is
some meandering.  I remember that I bought the backing a long time ago also.  It looked like bamboo leaves, so I remember grabbing it when I saw it.  Of course I see every quilting mistake (and there are a lot), but I am trying not to focus on those.  I think this has 20170406_192000_resized_1helped me to move onto quilting or at least try quilting other designs in my quilts.  I have no idea what I am doing it with it.  For now, I will hang on to it and wait until the right time to give it away or donate it to charity.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


28 thoughts on “OMG…..I Finished a Quilt

  1. “How truly unusual” as a quilter that cracks me up. I also completely understand! A quilt that is in pieces for that long, just think of it as enjoying that part of the process for a very long time! Finishing is good too.

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  2. I’m on the same plan with most of my quilts : )) I started cutting them up this year (the scrappy ones) and repurposing them as potholders if they were more than 10 years old. The two I have remaining I just started last year so I’m going to finish them as intended. I see nothing wrong though with taking so long. I call them spirit quilts lol


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