The “Unpaper” Towels

So, I completed my “unpaper” towels. I believe the actual pattern called them reusable paper towels, but I found hat an odd name since they were not paper.

Here is what I learned about making these:

Use a walking foot. I fought with it until I got the bright isdea to use my walking foot. After that everything went much better.

Put your opening to turn right side out on the side not where you want the snaps to go. It can make getting those plastic snaps more difficult if it is bunched and when you are closing up it is more likely that will happen (I sewed mine shut with the machine when I went around the whole towel.

I used three snaps on each end. The pattern called for 2. Initially I had such issues, that Iput three on each end. I will try 2 if/when I make these again.

The plastic snap tool – Watch a video on how to do it. I failed to do this and once I did, I had way more success. Use it on a hard surface (once I watched a video, I put a wooden cutting board under mine). Be prepared to waste some snaps until you get the hang of it. I did not buy my snap tool just for this, but also for baby bibs. They are not expensive maybe 20 dollars for tools and a whole box of colored snaps. I bought it on Amazon. It came with the the big box (top left). I bought some additional snaps because they were inexpensive.

The Practicality of “Unpaper” towels – Not sure on this one yet. I will have to review the actual use by everyone at our house. I am hoping to hear less harsh words over lack of dish towels and having them all over the counter. I made a roll of ten and then some spares (I think I had 8 more). Once it has been in use a while at my house I will let you know if it is a truly useful item. So far, it makes me happy to use up the stack of older towels we had.

I am feeling better every day. Looking forward to losing this neck brace. I am back to work, which is great. I am not good at sitting around doing nothing. Prior to my surgery, I got a new super expensive office chair (X-Chair). It has a neck rest and heat/massage. It has been a life saver and allowed me to return to work quickly. I did not want to sped the money, but Kevin made me……good call on his part.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


11 thoughts on “The “Unpaper” Towels

  1. Hi Lori! So glad to hear you are able to return to work. That has to help with some return to ‘normal’. Interesting topic as this weekend I was working on Swiffer microfiber reusable sheets for our new vinyl floor. Rather than purchasing their refills I thought it made sense to have something that is washable. I look forward to hearing your update on these! Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

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      1. Here’s the link:

        The microfiber I purchased didn’t stretch AT ALL. I got a bag of 36 – 16×16 pieces at Sam’s Club. I cut them to 16″ x 5.5″ and tucked them into the little Swiffer holes on the top of the mop (4 of them). They work just great – no sewing at all. I got one wet and attached it and it cleaned great. I highly recommend and it couldn’t be any easier!

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  2. Kevin is always thinking about what’s best for you! That is an interesting idea, and I do hope you report on the results of actual use at your house. Congratulations on getting back to work. Be careful still.

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  3. I’m so glad you are able to be back at work with a wonderful chair so keep so safe and comfortable. Enjoy your unpaper towels and let us know how you like them. Roseanne’s tip for the micro fibres for your stiffer is a good one. I also used leftover flannel to make the Swiffer cloths.


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