A Mystery quilt

I had every intention of doing this post on Saturday or Sunday, but it just did not happen.

Since our guild is not meeting this year, we are doing a mystery quilt.  These blocks were the first “clue”.   I love oranges (both the fruit and the fabric), but the stores never seem to have much.  I had 2 of the same fat quarter collections, so that is what I started with.  We received the second clue and I started to work on them.  They are star blocks.  I sewed eight pieces wrong, not 1, not 2 but 8 (not a typo).   At that point, I turned everything off and chose to stop sewing.  I would also swear I was drinking (but unfortunately not) due to my ridiculously awful cutting of these pieces.  OMG, it looked like a 2-year-old with dull scissors did it.  Cutting fabric accurately is something I really struggle with.

And then there is the fact that I used some directional fabric, but let’s not talk about that.

I did have a long weekend, which was nice.  I managed to bind a quilt without too much drama (pictures coming later).  At least something got done.  The 4th of July is a strange 20200626_163448holiday for me.  My husband Derrick died on July 3rd, 2013, so it is always a bit melancholy.  My daughter found his Army picture and carries it in her wallet.  It is a fitting picture for the 4th of July.  Gosh, I miss him.  I believe I always will.

I Will likely spend the week undoing my eight mistakes on my mystery quilt.  Hoping my awful cutting will not make these pieces (stars) look too out of shape.


Happy sewing, Happy quilting.

Screenshot_20200626-140458_Facebook (1)
OMG, Slippers that look like your dog. I will be needing three sets of these.

10 thoughts on “A Mystery quilt

  1. lol, I know its not funny, I cut by hand and make mistakes and fudge and undue and put aside and start again…but I really like the bright orange red of these blocks 🙂 When loves one pass on or close to holidays it always makes it difficult. My heart is with you. I have a brother who who passed on Thanksgiving so every few years -yup its a jolting reminder. Hugs

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  2. I hear you Lori, my mom passed away on Mother’s Day weekend, and it was very hard for a long time. Know you have a big hug from me! That quilt, the orange will be so fun, but ripping is not fun! You’ll get it this time, I have no doubt. 😛

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  3. Hi Lori. There are times you just start fresh. Save the pieces you may be able to use them later. With Halloween fabrics being released, I’m sure you can get something that will work otherwise maybe a solid or blender to fill the gap if need be. Wishing you the best with your mystery quilt.

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  4. Yes July 4th would be rough and sorry for your loss, losing a spouse is rough and though in time you can find peace your loss is always part of you. As I approach 2 years, I still feel it sometimes as acutely. Nice quilt!

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