One Monthly Goal for March…..No way…….yes way……

Even though I have not started my new job, my mind is certainly in a different state.  I have until April 8th.  I finally feel ike I am on vacation.  Not only did I finish my One Monthly Goal for March, but it is packaged and in the mail for my Star Wars loving nephew.  Even made a couple of star wars pillow cases (forgot the photo of these).

Originally I bought this fabric on clearance to make something to practice on.  It was odd.  A very square desigN.  The only way not to cut up all the design was to fussy cut each square, which I did.  It is an odd-looking quilt, but it is Star Wars.  For some odd reason, I put borders on the left and right, but not on the top and bottom.  Not sure what I was thinking there, or not thinking at all.

20190320_191727So, I did practice my quilting and I was very happy with how the quilting came out, so I figured it was at least worthy to give away, even though it is odd.  I used my “star” ruler and then made angle lines.  There is a lot of quilting in it, but I enjoyed using it and it looks pretty good.

I did have to wash this quilt prior to sending, it hung on the back of the couch with the binding half on for a couple of weeks, which means the dogs assumed it was for them.  Kept yelling at them, but I guess the rule is?  “If there is a blanket or anything that looks like a blanket it is ours to cuddle up in.”  So, I needed to de-dog it.  I thought I would not like it as much once washed, but I actually liked it more.  Interesting.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


20 thoughts on “One Monthly Goal for March…..No way…….yes way……

  1. If you can make a Star Wars quilt look normal, you’re probably not doing things right. Trust me. Also, I find the thought of needing to wash a quilt makes me want to cry. Drying it (just in case) is even worse. When I tell my boyfriend this, he doesn’t get it. But I feel as if I’m purging everything into some other-worldly being’s hands at that moment (and I’m never sure which), as said quilt is washed and dried and I only wish to cry. In the end… each quilt has come out okay (so far), and everything has been fixable, but it’s lots of me being loaded into an agitation cycle, a flood and a rainstorm to follow with a wind/sandstorm in the mix instead of a gentle rub down with a vacuum hose through a taped-off screen. (P.S. I’ll be revisiting these lines to steal for hopeful quilt poetry–ask for it if you want it).


  2. Your nephew will love it! I saw that fabric…I had to make a duffle for one of my piano students and went with a more splattered print, which worked better. That very square design would be a challenge to work with. I think the quilt is perfect for a boy. It’s sleek design will grow well with him, and he’ll use it for years!

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  3. Hi Lori! Your star quilting looks great and is just so appropriate and perfect for this finish. Your nephew is going to just LOVE it, and he’ll feel all the love you stitched into it just for him. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. Congratulations on your finish! It looks great, and you quilted it just perfectly for the subject matter. I know he will love it.


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