Quilt as you Go? Hmmmm…

So, I made a baby quilt when I was pregnant using the quilt as you go method.  I did not like it at all.  That was 14+years ago.  I am thinking over time I may have gained skill, knowledge and patience.  Jeez, I hope I gained something.   I belong to a Facebook group for quilt as you go.  I have seen quite a few beautiful quilt as you go pieces, so I thought maybe I should re-investigate this method.

So, since I am participating in the Fall quilt Along, I thought this might be the time to give it a shot.  So, I watched a few videos again on quilt as you go.  I was especially fond of Leah Days videos on this technique.  Gosh she makes it look easy.  So, Since the fall quilt along is blocks, I figured that it would be a good one to do.

So, I took the plunge.  I quilted my hedgehog block.  I don’t hate it yet, but I have not tried to put them together yet either.  That will be the tell-tale sign for me.  Time will tell.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


43 thoughts on “Quilt as you Go? Hmmmm…

  1. The hedgehog is very cute. I have played around with qayg and made a Leah Day quilt. However now if I do it I prefer doing far bigger pieces and then putting them together as Marti Michell. Hope yours is satisfying when you get going.

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  2. Wow – I’ll be curious to see how it turns out. I LOVE how it looks now, but I just don’t see how you’ll put it together. Will tune in to see – I love the idea of quilting a bunch of small pieces instead of wrestling with a whole blanket.

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  3. Your hedgehog is adorable and the quilting is awesome! You’re funny Lori! I know you’ve gained tons of quilting skills in 14 yrs.
    I’ve never QAYG, it looks like it makes quilting so much more manageable but I’m always thinking the adding sashing around the blocks will hurt my head 🤪 I’ll be interested in your opinion of finishing.

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  4. This is going to be adorable! I have done something similar…embroidered “in the hoop” quilts that have you quilt each block and then put them together. It’s not that hard! Just a bit bulkier when working with the quilt. What’s really nice, though, is when you finish assembly, its DONE!! LOL


  5. What did you hate about it and can I find Leah Days on Youtube? I am a constant beginner it seems and need all the help I can get. The QAYG method seemed to solve some problems for but I am yet to try it on the blocks I have been accumulating. I am infact terrified I will ruin all the work I have already put in when I try to connect them. EEK

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  6. Looking good Lori! Let me know how it goes with the QAYG technique. I found a great Creative Grid 45 degree ruler that is really helping with my Stars! Have a great week-end, and as usual, I am late in commenting! Hugs Keeping your Sister in my thoughts!

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  7. Hi Lori! I am so glad to read you are giving it a shot again. I had a similar experience about the same time you first tried it, and haven’t given it a go again either. I am 100% sure you have gained a LOT of skills in that time. I have found that as I’ve aged I am much more tolerant in other areas of my life, so maybe you will find that you can now tolerate QAYG. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress! Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  8. Your hedgehog is adorable! I love QAYG — the technique has been modified over the years still doesn’t apply to all layouts but when I can use it – its my preferred method! Looking forward to seeing your progress! Happy Sewing Lori!

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  9. When my son was young, his favorite story I read to him was The Happy Hedgehog Band. This block reminds me of that time. It is a good memory. Good luck with your new technique. I hope it works our for you.

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  10. That one looks good. My friend, Edi, does a lot of this, and seems to be working to perfect that skill. I like hers, but I’m more likely to buy a longarm!

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