Firefly test block. Thoughts?

So, this is my firefly test block.  I am unsure if I like it or not.  I really liked the sample, but am unsure If I like mine.  I am trying very hard not to buy new fabric and use what I have.  My daughter says it looks like a bee.  There is a bee variation for this pattern, but that is not the patch I went down.  I explained to her that I would have a black stripe in the middle of the bee’s body.  “Ahhh No, Mom.  Still looks like a bee.”

So, you should try piecing that antenna section.  Virtually impossible.  I sewed several, all crazily wrong.  I finally resorted to paper piecing, just this section.  Then there was not problem.  This pattern which comes from Pattern drop, calls for 16 of these blocks.  Do I like it enough for sixteen blocks?  What do you think?  Should I change something?  Should I make it a bee and lose the light up part (teal print)? Decisions, Decisions.  Let me know what you think.  My blogging friends give the best advice.

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32 thoughts on “Firefly test block. Thoughts?

  1. do you have any orange or orangey-yellows…I think it’s slightly missing the glowing butt. Blue just doesn’t say firefly to me…That or maybe narrow the back a little…In the end, If you don’t have other colors you can use, make one bee, then decide which you like better…you could even make half and half and let the user decide.

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  2. Cute block for sure – but at first glance my eye saw a bee as well -maybe because even without black, the different yellows are sort of like the stripes on a bee? Maybe you could piece that section with just one yellow, as one solid block? That would prevent the striped feel. I also agree with the comment above – if you pieced a few bees and they looked very “bee-like” it would become obvious the bugs and bees were different from each other once they were in the same quilt.

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  3. I agree with your daughter, it looks like a bee, not a firefly. That being said, perhaps you could make the stripe under the triangle match the triangle and then do the other 2 stripes in the butt something other than the yellow stripy so it looks more like a glow? Blues or greens perhaps?

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  4. I think the problem is that the block is designed looking straight down at the bug. This means you glowing abdomen would not be visible except maybe as a glow around the edge of the abdomen. Also, fireflies are more long and narrow than this insect. I think the problem is the pattern, not your fabric. I say name it bee and call it good.

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  5. Hi Lori,
    Yep. I see bee, too. The pattern is sure cute, but reads “bee”. The following may sound like I’m just picking your block apart. I sure don’t mean to come across like that. I’m just explaining why I see bee and not firefly. Mainly, it’s because of the chunky body. Fireflies are slim and brown-ish with a orange-red shoulders/head area. Only the very front end of the head is black. Also, only the very end of their behind glows. They also have more than one set of wings. The teal print does not read “glow” compared to the bright yellow in the body. It’s your pattern. Put a black stripe where the solid yellow is and say, “Look at this adorable bee block!” I’d use embroidery floss and stitch the antenna. You could title it, “I Gotta Bee Me!” Or, “Dare to Bee Different!” 🙂
    Your friend,
    Seriously, still friends? I hope so. 🙂

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  6. Dear Friend! If you had heck with the first block, I would recommend looking for another pattern to make. I can tell you by the time you make 16 you will be bald! LOL.
    Once a quilter runs into a problem with a pattern, it means that the ‘problem’ will always be there for the next block! It does look like a Bee. A firefly has a slimmer body and different wings.

    Hope I have not burst your desire to make this one. Hope all is well and that Sis is doing better! Hugs

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  7. Hi Lori – I have to agree with most and say it looks like a bee. The body width in the pattern is the issue, not you. As to whether you should make 15 more of these blocks . . . did you enjoy the process? As Nanette says, you would be bald if you didn’t. And, off topic but I hope your sister is improving. {{Hugs}} Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  8. I definitely do not see a bee! Maybe it’s because I saw the firefly description but as someone said, there is no stripe….it’s really cute!

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  9. Lori, I think it is a cute block, I would use yellow for the glow section instead of the body, but I’m guessing that it will still look bee-like. I was so little when I saw fireflies, that I would still think this is a firefly if the background was dark and the “glow” was yellow! Hugs! Hope sis is improving.


  10. It definitely looks more like a bee. I think a firefly’s body is slimmer and longer?? And perhaps instead of the teal fabric to show the ‘glow’ perhaps a pale yellow would work better?? Just some thoughts – it’s a lovely piece anyway! Mx

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