QADD – A look into the mind of someone suffering from this disorder

Quilting Attention Deficit Disorder (QADD).  I swear it is a real thing.  Just look at that table.  Oh wait, while it a table, it used to be our pool table.  So, needless to say, I have so many projects going on that I got absolutely nothing accomplished the entire week.

Currently, my daughter is on the swim team, which involves practice 4 out 5 nights a week.  Then there are the swim meets that are on the weekend.  This past weekend on Saturday at 5am we had to leave to spend the entire day at the pool.  Totally exhausting.  I have concluded, when I have a lot going on in my personal life, I can’t seem to concentrate on getting anything done in my sewing room.

I worked on this and that, but could not concentrate on anything.  I need to finish my block #10 for I wish you a Merry quilt along, but only managed to get part of it cut out.  I did some quilting in the ditch (which I did not like) on a table topper that has been sitting around a while.  While I was at the swim meet I did some hand work (EPP), but forgot my thimble and quit when my fingers started hurting.  I cut out pieces for a poinsettia table topper that I really did not need to start. Oh yes, and I started making a quilted bag (it is the blue blob in the photo).  Something else I did not need to start.  I have a pile of Christmas Fabric that I wanted to make a table topper out of (leftover from my Jingle bell tree).  Have not figured that out yet.  And I am working on a secret project that I can’t talk about, in case any of the recipients read my blog (wishful thinking).

And, Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away.  The only plus side to that is a couple of days off, which I totally need.  But it also beings about anxiety.  I will need to clean off that pool table in case we have guests that might actually want to play pool?  seriously who wants to play pool when we could be playing with fabric?  Apparently I am alone with those thoughts in my home.  So, I have to prepare to have a smaller work area for a few weeks.  I will need to cut a bunch of stuff so I can  just sew.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


36 thoughts on “QADD – A look into the mind of someone suffering from this disorder

  1. I fear there is an epidemic of QADD breaking out here and abroad. I think I have it, too. The cure is absolute rest for a couple of days with a pile of new fabric. All previous plans are then likely to disappear and the patient enters a dream-like state. However, this ‘cure’ can often prove fatal. : ))

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  2. I know exactly what you mean about swimming, our two Boys both swam and were in the gala teams so not only were we out at training at competitions as well. In fact last weekend we were out on Friday night and Saturday night at swimming events!! Good luck with the tidying. Hugs, Susie

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  3. I would agree that is officially a disorder. I think most quilters suffer from it from time to time. Good luck of finding the bottom of the table. I feel your pain when it comes to sports programs. We went through the same thing with all of our daughters.

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  4. Lori, have you ever heard of Marla is an amazing woman who totally transformed my life 15 minutes at a time. Her site is about getting rid of clutter around the house but what she teaches has a way of creeping into the rest of your being over time. I was a “flybaby” back in 2000 and her lessons took me about 4 years to fully ingrain into my brain. My entire life looked like your pool table back then but today, there is peace in my still-sometimes-chaotic-life. However now I can get some semblance of order in no time. She has an entire method to get you through the holidays and achieve peace while you’re at it. I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I really think she would be a benefit to your day. Her advice is free, the emails are manageable (should you choose to sign up), and you don’t have to catch up – you can jump in right where you are. In just 15 minutes (a day), you will be amazed what can happen.


  5. Lori, you are so funny! I’m sure I suffer from QADD, too. Why, why, why, can’t I finish things before I start new ones? I have no idea. Creative energy run amok, I suppose. My sewing room looks just like your table. It’s cyclical – I start stuff, start more stuff, finish something, start more stuff, freak out about the chaos, stop to clean, then the cycle repeats. 🙂 my new year’s resolution is one project at a time! Great comment above about the fly lady – never heard of it, but checking it out. Good luck with your table!

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  6. Well the only way I can stay away from “jumping from pillar to post” disorder is stop, look at too many things going on, and select 2 projects to work on.

    Now having said that I do tend to fall off the wagon from time to time. I am blessed because I cannot handle mess.
    That forces me to ‘get with the prigram’

    You will get there Girl. Hang in there.
    Again, you are so funny!!!!! We are all guilty of this Disorder!

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  7. Reading your blog (this one quite amusing), I can empathize, sympathize with this disorder in the quilting realm. As one of your followers, I look forward to all those finishes I see in disguise on your pool table, however they decide to place themselves in your life. Just think of all the finishes you have to look forward to. 🤒 It’s a fine choreography….and the beginning of this word is chore! 😁

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  8. Slow down and take a deep breath. Swim season won’t last forever, and ya just gotta be a mom first. You are getting things done, just not as much as you wish, or might normally. I hope you do have some time next weekend to sew.

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