A Miracle-I finished a block – I wish you a Merry Quilt Along Block #10

I certainly have not been myself lately.  I seem to get so little accomplished.  Between running around to swim practice and work I hardly have any time to sew.  I do take some hand work to swim.  This past Tuesday I was sitting at  table making flower hexies and a women sat down next to me and started laying them out on the table.  She then proceeded to give me her phone number so I could teach her how to do it.  It was quite funny.  I will always help anyone learn to quilt.

I did manage to finish Block #10 for the I wish you a merry Quilt along.  It was quite a miracle for me to get anything done.  So much to do and next week is Thanksgiving.  I can’t even think about that. It is too much.  I do have a couple of days off, so if I am lucky I will get some sewing time in.  The problem is my mind is going in a million directions for new projects that I really do not need to start.  I have so many started already.  I totally have QADD.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


31 thoughts on “A Miracle-I finished a block – I wish you a Merry Quilt Along Block #10

  1. Mmmm, the light of Christmas, fitting especially now that it is dark so early! When the girls were home Nov-Dec was crazy because of music stuff. The two high schools did a combined Christmas Concert, then there was multiple needs at church, and all the quartet gigs, not as regular as the constant run of swim, but seems like they were always heading out somewhere! I feel your pain!😉

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  2. Lori! I LOVE your version with the candle in it. How clever of you! I enjoyed your hexagon story, too. Have fun making a new friend. QADD – great term. I sometimes have that, too. I’m actually working on my missing block 8 from iwyamc though!

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