Pointsettia – We wish you a Merry Quilt Along Block #7

It was a fairly unproductive weekend for me,  mostly due to a combination of things.  My rheumatoid arthritis was kicking my butt, my new hot tub got installed and my renter moved out before their lease was up and left my rental property trashed.  Awesome.  Of 20171015_122125_resizedcourse the Hot Tub was an awesome part of the weekend.  It makes me feel better, which was the goal.  Long term goal is to cut down on some of the medication f I can get a hot tub routine.

I did manage to get one of my blocks done for We wish you a merry Quilt Along and keep with my theme of snowflake fabric.  It is a cute block.  There are 2 blocks this time.  I may go off script with #8.  It looks very difficult and also looks like it need something.  We shall see.  Not sure when I am going to get that one done.  Winter swim has begun which means practice 5 times a week and this Saturday My quilting Guild is hosting Quilt Wars.  More on that later.

So for My one monthly goal, I was making a test block of the dogs with sweaters.  I think I counted and each block has some crazy amount of pieces like 53. My dogs will all be wearing Ohio State sweaters and I will have a special border.  I think it will take me years to complete.  I couldn’t even manage to get all the pieces cut to try to make one block.  Ugh.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



28 thoughts on “Pointsettia – We wish you a Merry Quilt Along Block #7

  1. Your block looks great! I really like that green you used with the snowflake fabrics. Does it really matter if it takes a year to make the dog sweater quilt?

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  2. Awe so sorry you had so many problems. Life can be overwhelming at times. Your quilt block looks so,pretty. I really like your color and fabric choices. Especially the green. The variegation adds a special sparkle. I hope this week goes better for you.

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  3. Life gets in the way sometimes…it was a busy, crazy weekend for me, too…Not as much quilting as I’d like and just enough drunk gamblers to make the night difficult on Saturday and sleepless for Sunday…but the homework is mostly done and I’m back to what I love to do tonight…good luck getting a bit more done this week. Thanks for posting.

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  4. Your Xmas blocks are looking good Lori – the hot tub will really help. If I wake up stiff and sore, I hit the hot shower before I get dressed and it really helps. Sorry about the trashing – people…..
    Take one bite at a time on the doggie quilt and before you know it – you have a quilt! Hugs

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  5. Your poinsettia block is very pretty! Sounds like your dog quilt will be a labour of love. I can’t even imagine putting that many pieces together for a single block…but I’m a beginner so what do I know?

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  6. I LOVE that block! There are many that just don’t do it for me but that one says Christmas. Here’s to the hot tub kicking RA’s butt. I hope it works to reduce the meds. It is such a mean disease. A lot of my quilting friends have it. Let us know if the hot tub helps.

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