My turkey from He!!….

OMG, this turkey for the Fall Quilt Along gave me such grief, but it is done, ahhhhh.  Never to be repeated again.  It is cute, but I could go a lifetime without completing that activity.  So, some of it is my fault.  I fail to read instructions well (or at all sometimes).  I went right to cutting and did not Label anything.  Susan at DesertySkyQuilts mentioned that there were labels.  How about that?  I had no idea because I did not read the instructions.  For an educated woman, I sometimes feel really stupid.  Needless to say, when I went to sew, I could not figure out what was what and spent multiple hours sorting them out and figuring out what fabric I had assigned to sections and counting and re-cutting.  I also did this in the middle of things with my sweet sister Kellie, so my mind was not right either.

I am not going to tell a sister story today.  While sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it also makes me sad.  I am still waiting to dream about her.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Love the ones you’re with


19 thoughts on “My turkey from He!!….

  1. Hi Lori! Sometimes I think we are made from the same (really cute) cloth as I usually jump in without reading the instructions either. My thought is usually how hard can it be – and that applies to quilting, tiling a kitchen backsplash, installing a ceiling fan, putting together a crib – you name it. I can see how sharing a story about Kellie may make you sad. {{Hugs}} My sister and brother both died the same year, six months apart three years ago and I can sometimes smile when I think of them and other times not so much. That dream is coming – in her sweet time. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Well girl, you do not have the street corner on this one! Why waste time reading instructions anyway! But I must say, I have learned to read them! But your turkey looks great! Hang in there – she will come when she is ready! Hugs and Hugs!

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  3. Does anyone remember the test in school where the directions were to read all the questions before answering any questions. AND. If you would have ACTUALLY did that, the last statement told you to put down your pencil and not answer any questions. I FAILED that test and have been failing at instructions ever since…, I can relate to your plight! 😉

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