So this is what happens…

So, this is what happens when I baste a quilt.  I was minding my own business and doing my thing when out of no where, Moka, jumped up on the pool table and laid down on my dog quilt, that I was basting.  Yep, that was once a pool table that now holds my projects and lets me baste quilts etc….  I had no idea that Moka could actually get up there.  She just stared at me, like I was the crazy one, then she tried to escape with a cone of thread in her mouth.

So, I decided to put my crazy dog fabric on the back since I was keeping this for myself.  I20180317_205042_resized have been saving this fabric for a really long time.  It is a bit weird, but it totally screams “Crazy Dog Lady”.  Not sure what type of fabric it is.  Not cotton, not fleece, just weird.  It will work though.

I debated a while on how to quilt and was going to go ruler crazy, but then came to my senses.  This is a dog quilt.  You need to quilt dog bones.  So, dog bones it is.

20180317_205004_resizedThen I fell off the not buying and unnecessary fabric wagon.  I had my daughter with me and I was looking through clearance and she decided what I needed.  No plans in any way.  It is a weird collection.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


38 thoughts on “So this is what happens…

  1. What a cutie pie!!!! I love love Lab’s, but the eat wood and chew on other peoples things around here! Even on our 5 acres! So we no longer have a dog. This is just too funny Lori! What cute backing.

    I am so happy that I sent you this top! What a perfect home for it! Hugs

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  2. Oh Moka! Do NOT FaceTime Max! Though I already caught him sleeping I my handquilting project! I am still on the wagon, but this is hard work!!!! Have a great week Lori, your dog quilt and its backing are perfect together!

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  3. Hi Lori,
    I love dogs! Moka looks like she was trying to be a big helper . . . and was probably just rearranging the cone thread, not taking it with her. Dog bones will be PERFECT on this quilt, and I love the backing. And clearance fabric – well, it’s a crime to leave that behind isn’t it?! ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Moka has such a sweet face and looks so innocent up on the quilt she just knew you are making for her. It obviously motivated her to get up there and try out the quilt for herself. I’m working hard on staying on that wagon myself. No fabric unless it has an immediate purpose is the goal. I have plenty of “one of these days” fabric to last longer than I will. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your quilt, quilted. 😉

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