I have a dream…To Make a Dog Quilt

Sometimes I sound like a total fruit loop.  However, there is some truth to it. For quite some time I have had an idea to make several dog quilts.  They needed to be my own design and I wanted to be able to make some that can somehow raise money for rescues.

I have been involved with rescues before and rescued quite a few dogs.  I don’t really foster much any more, because I end up keeping them and sometimes the Rheumatoid 20170904_191741_resizedarthritis gets me, so I have to find an alternate way to help.  I do have three dogs.  currently only one is a rescue.  Snibble was rescued from a farmer who’s dog had 13 puppies,  She was the only girls and all the boys were biting her and not letting her eat.  My late husband Derrick brought her home to me.  She fit in the palm of his hand.  She is a Chihuahua/Pug or a Chihuapug as Haley used to say.

This quilt will be mine.   It is to honor my beloved dog, Koko. We got Koko for my daughter Miranda, and because I think she knew I was not a “dog” person, she picked me.  She did not want Miranda, but wanted me.  I quickly fell in love with her.  She was my best friend.  She licked away my tears through the death of both my husbands and both my parents.  She was Haley’s biggest protector.  The only time she did not sleep with me was when Haley was a baby.  She mostly slept under her crib.  Koko was a Chocolate Lab.  She was very dark in color and unless she stood next to a black lab she was often mistaken for one.  We referred to her as Semi-Sweet Chocolate because of her color and protective nature.  I miss her dearly.

So, my quilt will have the dog appliques.  I used a technique that has no waste.  You cut image_1the applique out in one piece and then use both pieces.  It worked really well.  So, I have actually designed the entire thing and am slowly working on getting all the pieces together.  Funny thing, there are flying geese in this quilt and as I was drawing it, I realized that I had never made flying geese before.  I actually had to look up a good way to make them and how to get them just the right size for my quilt.  This quilt uses 8.5 inch blocks.

I like the applique.  It reminds me of my Koko.  If this quilt turns out well, I will make another that I can hopefully make for a rescue to sell raffle tickets for or auction off.

You can see from the princess crown she is wearing, that Haley dressed her up and made her wear crowns.  We sometimes referred to her as Princess Koko.  I did not think it was possible for me to love an animal as much as I loved her.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


33 thoughts on “I have a dream…To Make a Dog Quilt

  1. Lovely. Let me know when your pattern is ready. There is nothing fruit loop about this. I’m working on one art quilt every four years…maybe two or three for the next one…I hope to make one of them a quilt of my boyfriend’s pitbull out of a photo…but this silhouette form is pretty neat, too. Would you consider customizing the pattern for an upcharge? I love this idea.

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  2. Well this post grabbed my heart. I support The Pet Refuge where I have been lucky to find the most loving additions to our family. I like to say we rescued them from Doggy Jail. I will watch for updates on your quilt progress and perhaps a pattern.
    xx, Carol

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  3. Your Koko looks like she was a good dog. It’s amazing how they get into our hearts. I’ve only had 4 dogs and 1 cat. I was allergic when I was young, now, I just adapt to it. I would not give up Freckles for the world. Anyway best of luck, I’m wanting to something similar to raise money to “fix” the feral cat colony in my neighborhood. I was thinking embroidered and quilted postcards. You are inspiring! Thanks for the post.

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  4. Lab’s have the most beautiful nature and are incredibly intelligent, which is why they are often chosen to be assistance dogs for disabled people. They also have the softest ears of any dog on’ the planet. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt, love what you have done so far.

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