Insanity has set in.

I can’t even begin to count the swear words on this one.  It looks simple enough and honestly I think it is.  The problem is me.  So, let me explain how this went, after the top was finished.  “Hey Mom, shouldn’t the dog part on the top have a leg also?”  Son of a nutcracker.  Ugh.  “Oh, and doesn’t the dog need a tail?”  You have got to be kidding me.  Yep, no top legs and no tail.  What is going on? I have totally lost my mind. Even better after I made the leg section and finished the top, post mistakes, I found a leg section that I had made.  It was not like I made it a long time ago and forgot, we are talking one day to the next.  I think that quarantine is eating away my brain.  This project is  My One Monthly Goal.  My intent is to finish it.  We will see.  I am supposedly heading back to work next week, so I am not sure it can happen.

So, when/while I got frustrated with this quilt top, I made some pillowcases.  For me, it is 20200504_195345something I can see being completed.  This stack has 22 pillowcases.  This brings my total pillowcases for charity to 44.

It also means that my stash has lost 44 yards of fabric.  Trust me there is more where that came from.

So, I had the chance to look at my next charity quilt kit.  Good God.  It is equally as ugly (maybe more) than the last one.

Could the fabrics be any uglier?  Yes, they can.  See my last charity quilt.  The picture on the right is the pattern I am supposed to use.  On the plus side, all the 2.5-inch strips are cut. and it should be quick to put together.  But, I do not like working on quilts that are not something I would ever put together.  I know, charity, someone will love it.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Stay Safe


23 thoughts on “Insanity has set in.

  1. Glad the dog got his legs and tail! I finished a top, borders and all and in the photo realized that the bottom left nine patch had two blue squares missing. 🥴 how can you handle a block that many times and not see in a two colour quilt that two of 5 blue patches are missing? Talk about Covid Brain. 😊 just think of the comfort some man is going to get from all your effort. It might not be ugly when you put it together. The last one wasn’t that ugly😉 Carol

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  2. Fingers crossed you can get back to work. That dog quilt sure is cute, thankfully your daughter saw the ‘COVID brain slip ups’ even if it was a grrrrrr moment 🙂

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  3. The dog quilt is really cute . . . all the puppy prints add to the charm. Your next charity quilt looks a lot like the one on my recent blog post ( I agree with Carol, the browns and blues will be perfect for a man! Hooray for completing all those pillow cases.

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  4. You are just too funny Lori! Cute doggie quilt – needs another leg in the front and back! (LOL – just know you want to do that one).

    OK let’s call the 2nd quilt The Revenge of UGH! Sound good? Talk soon! Hugs

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  5. Hi Lori! I feel your pain and can not only sympathize but I’ve recently been in your shoes. Good thing Mr. Ripper is a close friend. I even ripped out something that was correct. Ouch! I also feel your pain over the charity quilt. Every pot has a lid just as every quilt will be loved . . . does that help at all?? At least you have control over which prints are next to each other – and it does look like it will be nice for a man. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. I love the concept of this pattern – how fun – I’ve never seen this before! I think if you border it with the light (white?) fabric then the dog will float and you can add another border if you like to frame it. What a great quilt!

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