Holy Cow, I can’t believe I made it -One Monthly Goal

I did not think I could get it done.  My QADD (quilting Attention deficit disorder) took over, as expected.

Funny thing, I found this task less daunting if I just did 20 minutes here and there, which is what I did.  It worked, got it done.

Weird colors (leftovers) and super simple design.  These were leftovers from the second quilt I ever made.  I obliviously had no idea how much fabric it took to make a quilt because I actually bought enough to make 2.  Pretty sure it qualifies as a UFO.

I will show some up close evidence of my quilting once I get it trimmed and bound.

My daughter is holding it sideways though, it was to long for her.  So next quilting job I will have to use some of my new skills , from last weekends workshop.  Now it is just trimming and binding.  Not sure I will make that my next goal. I will have to see.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family




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