Spooky Spider web Table Topper

So, I got bored with Hard Candy and went on to something else.  I sometimes think of it as quilting ADD.  I must move from one thing to another and have as many projects going as possible.  I liked this pattern.  I thought it was cute.  However, I found it a little difficult to do the applique through all the fabric and batting.  This is what they suggested.  I found it a bit difficult to keep from bunching.  I think I will try it again, but do the applique separate and then quilt.


The quilting is awesome on this one.  LOL.  I think that is because I was actually appliqueing it more than quilting and I got to use one of those fun stitches on my machine that I would not normally use.  I thought the stitch looked like a bunch of spiders, or my imagination got the best of me.  Either way, it is sort of cute.

The pattern is from Connecting Threads and is called “cobweb”

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing


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