A bit of success with Hard Candy

So, I practiced a bit again.  This one I don’t hate.  I think it is because I love Halloween fabric and I used a matching  thread so you can’t see the actual quilting.  I think I will practice on something else next time. I need a break from Rock candy.  However, I will continue practicing my quilting on these small pieces.  I find myself watching a lot of Leah Day videos.  Some day I will get a long arm, however, I have a child to educate, so it will have to wait a while.  Maybe by then I will get the hang of it.  Leah Day makes it look really easy.


4 thoughts on “A bit of success with Hard Candy

  1. Do you feel you are getting smoother with this pattern, then? What about a used longarm, or a midarm size? This is definitely a cute Fall table topper!

    BTW, I meant Flaming Gorge, not Great Gorge. LOL

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