OMG- I Pebbled Something!

So, last night as I was practicing my quilting, I decided to get crazy and try pebbling.  I was pleasantly surprised that this did not look too bad.  It seemed to be very forgiving.  I am usually so chicken to venture outside the box (The box of meandering) that everything looks the same to me.

A couple things that I realized.  First, I practiced drawing these pebbles on paper.  You should see my notebook at work.  Oh, wait, you can.  Duh. 20160812_083523 While I am sitting in meetings, I am often drawing (practicing) my quilting designs, sometimes I am doing it on my Surface computer.  Funny thing, I feel my drawing often looks better than my quilting (Someone actually asked me if they could have my swirls doodle once).  But it helps get the flow down for me.

I think I need to watch more Leah Day videos and get crazy with another design.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting