More Quilting Money….an idea on how to get some……

money.jpegI am a big skeptic of anything that is essentially, “free money”.  However, since I am always looking for ways to keep up my fabric hoarding without taking money from our “living” budget, I looked into something I saw on the news and was pleasantly surprised.  There are many apps available that say you earn money back by shopping.  This usually involves online shopping.  While I do some of that, I never was that interested.  But, there are a couple of apps that give you money back for grocery shopping which is a necessary evil.   In about 10 days, I have earned about $40.00.  I didn’t buy anything that I would not have normally bought.  It didn’t take a huge amount of time.  Since I was already buying these things, why not let someone give me some money back to buy fabric?  Free money in my opinion.   I believe these companies are really collecting consumer data.  They are interested in what all you buy, not just the things they are offering money back on.   I am not sure I care if they know I have an addiction to Diet Pepsi.  These sites are Ibotta and Checkout51.  Each week, they add to the list of products that they are offering money back on.  Some are brand specific, while others are not.  You can use the same receipt for both sites.  For example, they may offer you money back on a gallon of milk, any brand.  Last week, there was an offer for $10.00 back if you purchased a 12 pack of bud light, a twelve pack of Pepsi and a bag of Tostitos.  I needed all of these items for Super Bowl Sunday.  You have to have at least $20 in your account to get your money.  They offer multiple ways to get your money.  Cash, PayPal and gift cards (Jo Ann was on the gift card list).  There is also cash back options for Jo Ann Fabrics on Ibotta.  Even if you don’t buy fabric there, everyone needs batting thread and other notions.  Just want my quilting friends to have more money for quilt supplies.  In the words of my daughter “Just Sayin”.

Happy Quilting

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