What’s Going on here?

So, I have been working on this baby quilt. I love the cute whimsical fabric. I have the top finished. I hope to get it on the longarm this weekend. That is the plan anyway. It is set on point and a decent size for a baby quilt.

So, I have been working on a couple of other things. I am dredging up some half-done projects to try and get them completed. I am an ADQ – attention deficit quilter. Meaning I have to go from project to project. Some of them I am not sure why I did not finish them, others I know why. Hated them. There are a couple unfinished tops that I need to finish but refuse because I don’t like the method. Stitch and flip. ARGH. Not sure why this one bothers me so much. I am going to try and make a plan to get one block a month completed on that one. It would be easy to not finish it all, but I set out to make it for someone and I have bought all kinds of special fabric, so I need to get over it and get it done.

I drug one out a couple of days ago that was circs late 1990’s. Not sure why I did not finish it. Maybe it just got lost in the shuffle. Surprisingly, it appears that I had all the pieces. I now have all the blocks done and will get them together and put on the borders. Hoping to knock that out tonight. We’ll see.

I have had the orange nightmare quilt on my design wall for quite some time 1.5 years. Going to take it down, finish some other half-done projects and maybe get back to it. But, I need the design wall. I know I have at least one more where all the blocks are done. They are just sitting in a box.

I was photobombed by Ruger. He is our little tiny (8lb) Jack Russel. I often refer to him as “Tiny Dog”. He rules the roost here. Pushes the other dogs around (even my 80 lb lab). He is the only boy, so all the girls are his, including me and my daughter. He is very needy these days because Haley is away at school. He was my late husband’s dog. Haley is now his person. He feels it necessary to sit on me a lot. He does not take up much space, so not a problem.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


9 thoughts on “What’s Going on here?

  1. Oh I’m definitely an ADQ-er too!! I ususally have at least 3 projects going at once – when I get bored or frustrated with one and I jump to one of the others for a few days 😉 Isn’t that how everyone does it? LOL!!! Love the pink baby quilt – so happy and bright! Ha, poor Ruger the only ‘guy’ in the house ❤

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  2. I think I just kept making tops hoping the fairy quilt princess would have them quilted. But it bit me in the behind. I usually do a quilt top and finish it, unless it gets to the trash can before completion! Now I have been know to have numerous hand projects hanging around and finally put all those quilts that need binding are put in a room where I do not see them until I am ready for them. I am so happy that you are quilting and blogging again Ms Lori! 2023 is my year to clean up all and start the process again! PS – love the baby quilt! So cute! Hugs!

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  3. I like the one you’ve shown here at the top. It sounds like you are working through the quilts, one at a time, and that’s good. I rotate around, for some projects, because they are too intense to do straight through! Cute dog!

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