What the Heck am I doing?

Good question. I sometimes wonder what I am doing. I quilted, on my domestic, my scrabble dog wall hanging. I needed something to do that would take me a bit of uninterupted time. Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind (or just anxiety in general), I want to work on something that requires my undivided attention. This has been basted and staring at me for quite a few weeks. I figured it would take me 1-1.5 hours after I got set up to complete the quilting. I was not far off the mark.

I did find, that since I don’t really quilt much on my domestic machine, except straight line, that I now suck at free motion quilting on it. It is possible that it is because iut requires strenght (shoulders, I think) that I don’t have and may never have. I used my dog boine ruler. Not sure why they are called rulers, they don’t actually measure anything. I did take a photo of one of the better-looking areas (LOL).

Anxiety, who me?

Haha. Crazy anxiety. That’s me. I am a worrier by nature., I think I got that from my mother. She was a worrier. So anxiety is just an added bonus.

What causes me to be insane? Well, last week on Wednesday, I woke up unable to walk. Awesome. The absolute most severe pain I have ever felt, everytime I put my right leg down. Words can not describe this pain. Thinking my post (artificail knee) had finally come loose after 25 years, I had my daughter drive me to the ER. Nope, knee not loose. Not much we can help you with, go to your ortho. Six weeks wait. Try someone local. Eww, not what I usually want to do, living outside the city. The local doctors in the rural world have always scared me. But, they agreed to see me that day. I was pleasantly surprised. Young Doc, who told me that my pain was likely coming from my hip (even though it did not hurt). Told me the answer was to shoot up the aggravated knee with medication and then come back on Friday and have the same thing done to my hip. It worked! However, now, I can add hip arthritits and all the goodies that come with that to my crappy resume. I also now keep crutches by the door of the bedroom in case it happens again. This is one of the many reasons I am half crazy. What lovely thing will I wake up with tomorrow? If this is getting old, I have a strong understanding of why people fight it.

Fun Coming!

Fun is needed. Going on a mini-retreat in Amish country in Ohio, with my quilting partner in crime Lynn and maybe one other person (hopefully Sharon comes because she seems like she would be fun). We are staying at a historic hotel. Not only is it a retreat center, but they have ghost hunts. LOL. It is has Victorian Era Decor and past presidents have stayed there (Grover Cleveland). Hotel Millersburg is in the heart of Ohio Amish Country (AKA lots of quilt shops). Photos to come….

So, I am collecting up my projects that I will work on and looking forward to the great escape.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


12 thoughts on “What the Heck am I doing?

  1. Hi Lori! You know the saying, if not for bad luck . . .? Yeah. I am beyond thrilled that the Young Doc was able to help you and that it worked!!! I have arthritis in both hips which was exacerbated during COVID and working from home. Huh. I guess sitting around for five months isn’t good for a person. Who knew?! Thinking of you, my hero, I started building my steps with the aim of 10,000 per day. That was just about a year ago that I discovered what was wrong. Now I’ve made it to 7,000 steps per day and my hip has stopped aching most of the time. I still have a ways to go but I can feel an immense improvement. Your dog bone quilting looks great to me! You pose an interesting question about why they are called rulers. We don’t always use a traditional ruler to measure but to draw a straight line. Maybe that’s why – we can follow the shape. Beats me!! {{Hugs}} Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. All that happens is supposed to make us stronger. I agree with Roseanne on the steps and sitting too much of which I did with BAMC Fun and games.

    I am getting back to 10,000 but the 3 months I rode the bike only added pounds and made me out of shape just now getting my energy back. But still not where I want to be.

    You enjoy the Retreat! Hugs.

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  3. The quilt is adorable! What a great idea. Glad to read you got relief with the knee but boy that must have been scary. You deserve the retreat…have lots of fun! and I want to read all about it please!

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  4. yes, getting old is no fun!!!
    However, your bone quilting looks very good! Even if the other areas aren’t so good (in your opinion), think about this: Not all bones are created the same – so don’t worry about what you see as imperfections! In the end – it’ll be hard for you to see them!
    Hoping that you don’t wake up with other surprise pains!

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