Baby Quilts, my favorite

For as long as I remember, I have loved making baby things. I think it may be because both my older sisters had a baby when I was about 17. I spent every moment I could with the boys and as a teenager, most of my extra money. I wanted them to have everything, especially things their parents did not want them to have. Both of these boys are getting close to 40 years old, but I still love them both dearly today. I also made them many things. My niece and nephew had some awesome Halloween costumes. One year I made my nephew a dinosaur costume. The tale was so long and big they tied a roller skate to it so he would knot drag a hole in it. I did make my own daughter costumes (as long as she let me). She was an adorable witch and a pink poodle at one point.

About the Quilt top – I was visiting my friend Lynn and she was telling/showing me that she joined one of those monthly quilt subscriptions. She showed me everything that she had received. The fabric for the holiday baby quilt was in one her boxes and she said she would not use it, so she gave it to me. Thanks Lynn. I am not sure she knows of my affinity to make baby things, but it was perfect. It was also something simple for me to actually get done. The panel came with a charm pack. I added the green and used every piece in the fat quarter pack.

Monthly Subscriptions – I have looked at many of them over time. I had a difficult time finding one that I thought was a good value and have things I could use. So, when Lynn told me about he Creative Notions one, I decided to investigate. She had been doing it for a few months and showed me what she had gotten. Fabric, patterns, notions and cute quilter stuff (which I kind of like). The cost was $45.00 including shipping. So, I figured I would give it a try. If I don’t like it, I could cancel.

I got my first one. It seems like a good value. The makers planner is awesome. It has plastic sleeves for fabric samples, places to draw, planning pages. There is an entire section on abbreviations measurements. Mostly everything you would want to know. I really like it. I am hoping that I use it. While I make my living planning and implementing large scale IT projects, I find my personal life is not that organized. Maybe this will help. The fat quarter pack is so pretty. I will certainly use it. It came with a pattern and the first directions for a quilt along they are doing. I have not read everything, but will work on that. In case anyone is interested in trying, it is from Creative Notions.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


12 thoughts on “Baby Quilts, my favorite

  1. Love your baby quilt – especially as we love everything deer here with a daughter named Fawn, of course 🙂 looks like a nice monthly box received. Thanks for the link – I popped in and took a quick look!

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  2. Hi Lori! That looks like a box full of goodness and fun. I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to make a baby quilt using some with lots of texture, like Minky. The chenille would be similar, I would think. I am worried about how it might stretch, etc. You’ll have to let me know how this project goes for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Oh Lori – that sounds like a wonderful monthly box to open! I’ve enjoyed making baby quilts as they are so appreciated by the mom to be! Once I made a quick and easy panel quilt for a baby shower my late husband was attending for one of his coworkers (at work baby shower). The quilt was nothing to “write home about” and I had put it together like the evening before (ha!). When he came home from work he told me she had started crying (like semi-hysterically) when she opened the quilt I made because no one ever made her a quilt before and now her baby has its first quilt.

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