Mystery Quilt Clue #5 – Orange Dreams

Something is changing. I have made 2 blog posts in the same month. OMG am I returning to normal? Unlikely (not sure I have ever been normal). I am however beginning to make progress. I have started to try and do something every day. I am not successful every day, but more is defiantly happening. Last night I cut out another table runner (Christmas gift) and pinned together a few pillow cases for the guild. I have also created a project list for things that need to get done at home. Instead of laying around looking at the cobwebs, I have put a list together that the whole family can assist with. We have already been productive. Cleaned out our filing cabinet and threw away manuals for appliances and things we have not had in years. Cleaned out one of the buffets in our dining room. Things are starting to get done.

Orange Dreams or Orange Nightmare?

I am starting to like it a bit more. I don’t follow instructions well, so I have reversed color schemes and turned blocks around. I think it is becoming less of a nightmare. It will be interesting to finish. I am hoping that the center of this quilt can distract from the orangeness.

Fall is here

Not my beautiful fall tree (next Door Neighbor’s), but it is my view from the hot tub, which I can finally get in without being too hot. The weather in Ohio is still weird. It has been in the 50’s for nearly a week and today it may reach 80. Furnace, air conditioner, furnace, air conditioner. Ohio, please pick a season and stay with it.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


17 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Clue #5 – Orange Dreams

  1. Well done on all fronts Lori! I especially liked the list of tasks and the entire family getting involved, that makes such a difference! I like the way you are toning down the orange. It looks nice, and if the next round is too orange, you could shift it into something more yellow, and get a cool gradient effect. The tree is soectacular, I could look at that all day. Here it is snowing…and will be for the next several days, even talk of a blizzard.😡

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  2. Lori I really like the orange dream mystery so far. It’s funny because orange isn’t (or wasn’t?) one of my favourite colors. Great job on getting more organized and taking steps to getting “back to normal”!

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