Mystery Quilt Clue #4 – Getting Weirder

So, I went a bit rogue on this block. I was finding it way to orange (even thought I like orange), I made what was supposed to dark light and vice versa and then rotated the block. It gave it a weird effect, that I find tolerable. Not totally in love it, but it does help the totally orange look that I had enough of.

I have also created a blog for our quilt guild, Marysville Crazy Quilters. Feel free to take a look at some of the quilts and projects my quilting friends are working on. The guild does a lot of charity work, which I like.

Personally, I still feel crazy. I have come to the conclusion that Covid is truly a state of mind. I don’t like it. This Covid state of mind has me less likely to quilt. I find myself staring at the TV or the ceiling of the bedroom and rarely wandering over to my studio. I have to get out of that state of mind. I am struggling to make a few blocks for a mystery quilt. Jeez. I find I do more when I actually have less time to do it. How is that right? I do have plans to make a few Christmas gifts so I better get moving. I also have had a quilt on the longarm for a couple of months. It stares at me as I walk by and yells insults at me for ignoring it. Ugh.

I hope you are all staying safe.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


13 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Clue #4 – Getting Weirder

  1. The quilt is looking very cool! During COVID it has been crafting that helps me. I was definitely spending a lot of TV time at first but I seem to need to be working on a project to feel better. Hang in there!


  2. I think your block 4 is an excellent edition. The orange was starting to over power a bit, and this block really add some balance! I have found that I have days where I accomplish zero, and have been unmotivated too. One thing that helped me was to decide what one thing I would work in the next day, even if it was only one row, seam, press, whatever. One thing wasn’t overwhelming and usually turned into 20 minutes, and after a week of that I was back to working on projects for a little while every day on my own. Maybe that will work for you?

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  3. I am falling in love with Orange. The green adds a good bit of contrast too. You have to fight that ‘Covid state of mind’ I think Kathy had a great suggestion. I like talking out load to myself – lol – I craft and watch tv, cook, clean, craft, watch tv 🙂


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