Some Charity Sewing

I do actually get some sewing done. I have made a few pillowcases for my guild. These 9 bring my total up to 23 pillowcases. The pillowcases go to a shelter for abused women. They get to select a pillowcase and they put some personal care items in them. Some come with nothing, so the pillowcase becomes the first item that belongs to them after their escape.

There was a time in my life when I needed to escape.  I began squirreling money away, a little at a time so it would not be noticed.  Things turned out differently for me and it turned out that I did not need the money.  I still have the account though as a reminder.  Today I save money in that account so Haley and I can go to Europe when she graduates.  Now it has a happy intent.

I am still struggling a bit with my sewing.  I just can’t seem to get much done.  I find myself going from one thing to the next a lot.  I think that is why I made the pillowcases, so I could see something finished.  I do have a baby quilt on the long arm.  I picked up a UFO to work on and I have another one in the works.  I think I need to get back to the “One Monthly Goal” that might help me get in the swing of things.  I will put a reminder on my calendar.

A big thank you to Susan at DesertSky Quilting for mentioning her Uncle Donald Quilt.  It brought such a smile to my face.

Because I am a crazy dog lady, I found the below picture hysterical.  Happy Sewing, Happy Quilting



19 thoughts on “Some Charity Sewing

  1. Hi Lori! Who doesn’t like a cute Weiner dog in a sweet winter outfit?! My brother always had Doxies and I have fond memories of it sleeping with me as a child even though I’m allergic to dogs. I can totally understand the ADHD issue specifically with quilting. I flit from project to project myself and only get things accomplished when there is a hard deadline. I use the monthly OMG along with a weekly to-do list just keep myself focused. {{Hugs}} The pillowcases are so pretty – I can imagine they will be well received. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Dog lover here – fun picture! Sounds to me your getting quite a bit done, in fact if it were just the pillowcases that would be enough. Great cause ~ I could have used a pillow case in my life too 🙂 TY for what your doing! Hugs

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  3. I have been working on easy charity quilts since it is just easier than figuring out which UFO to work on. We make pillowcases and give them to kids in hospitals. I need to make a monthly goal too since some of my UFO have been sitting for way too long.


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