Where have I been?  Jeez, no kidding.  I feel like it has been forever.  Sure has been a rough year.

I have been practicing my long arm.  Just about done with this one.  Nothing crazy. just simple stuff to start.  I like this quilt.  Funny, because I said I was going to practice on an “ugly one”.  I will get to that.

So, the below machines are not pretty, but they are packed with memories.  The Kenmore on the left was the machine my parents bought when my older sisters were doing the “Home-Ec” thing.  It was the only machine I sewed on for years.

The one on the right, was my grandmothers.  The last thing she sewed on that machine were my kindergarten clothes.  After that she got glaucoma and could no longer see.  When I would visit, this is the machine I would sew things together with.  I would just sew strips of fabric together.  Little did I know it would lead to a life long passion for collecting sewing machines and fabric.  My sister Karen had my grandmother’s machine and gave it to me when I saw her this past summer.  I just had them both serviced and they are working perfectly.

I have fabric that my Uncle brought my grandmother when he was in Hawaii (military man).  I have saved it many years.  I will incorporated it in a quilt and use her machine to piece it.

On the one Mom and Dad bought, I will sew the memory quilts from my little sister Kellie’s clothes that her husband gave me.  I have sort of begun, but there are so many memories that come back when I look at these clothes, it is hard.

While these machines are nothing special, they are special.  At least to me.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



15 thoughts on “Learning…..

  1. Hi Lori! My very first machine was a Kenmore. It actually was my sister’s – she was 22 years older than me. When I was old enough to start sewing my first quilt (traced a square on the back of the fabric with a cardboard template), she let me use it. Your quilt looks beautiful as does your quilting. That memory quilt of Kellie’s clothes will be a hard one to make but oh so meaningful for you once it’s done. {{Hugs}} I wish I could help you sew it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. How wonderful to have those special machines, and both of them working too! You look like you are getting the hang of your long arm, are you having fun or is the learning curve pretty steep? Glad to see your post, sending hugs!

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  3. I remember the Singer machine my Mum had. It was the one I learned to sew on. When I purchased my own first machine it was so similar – I didn’t yearn for anything with more bells and whistles, just one I ‘knew’ how to use. It was secondhand when I bought it, very clunky, it eventually got beyond repair and I replaced it with something a little more modern. I will never forget my first machine though – especially the weight of it when getting it in and out of a cupboard and lifting it onto a work table! Loving your long arm quilting x

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  4. You are getting the hang of the long arm Lori! Looking good! Those machines are the look of the 1950’s and 1960’s – at least I think they are!
    When working on Kelly’s quilt — think of all the good memories of her and it may make it easier! Guess we all need to come over to your house and help! LOL

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