A Finish and other fabulous news…..

Yes, I finished something! This is my Zipper quilt. It is a Missouri star quilt pattern. I think I chose to do this quilt becasue I had a couple of charm packs and it is charm pack friendly.  Had to wash this quilt, why?  Well, My little Ruger AKA, Polly Pissy Pants, felt the need to mark it as his because it was hanging off the edge of th table.  Super annoying but I still love him. 20191117_155339

I did long arm this quilt, just some swirls, nothing fancy.  But it was easy and was much quicker than doing it on my domestic.

The back was something I had in my stash forever.  It works!

The news – So the past year has been super trying for me.  The loss of my sister, the loss of my job etc.  So, I took a new job last April that I knew that I was way over qualified for.  I hated it.  Met some really good people, but just not for me.

I started interviewing for a different job about a month later.  It took from May until now.  I start tomorrow.  So, while I have always worked on Columbus, I now have a job 5.5 mies from my house, paying more money.  Honda North America is right around the corner and I have wanted to work there.  Finally, I got a job in IT for them.  I had interviewed for a few other jobs there, but finally got a good one.  I was driving 50 miles to work, and now it will be less than 6 miles and I am not overqualified.  In comparison my benefits are leaps and bounds better.  There are way more and they cost less.  Please be the dream/last job I will have.  Gosh I hope so.  So, I am hoping that this is one more step in the right direction of me feeling like me.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


41 thoughts on “A Finish and other fabulous news…..

      1. I just had to have another look. I’m making a scrappy quilt and have cut out way too many pieces. The extras could easily make one of these “zipper” quilts. I would just need to come up with the neutral in-between pieces. Thanks for a great idea for my extra bits!

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  1. Hi Lori! I am so excited for you. I hope you just l.o.v.e. this new job – it sure sounds like it is a great fit for you. Oh, all the extra time you get back by shortening your commute. Plus, you’ll also save money along with a higher salary and better use of your skills. Win/win/win all around! YAY you. I love your quilt as well. It looks so happy. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. A lovely short commute, IT, and a company you have wished to work for? It is Thanksgiving month! I am sooooo happy for you, and hoping that those two extra hours not in the car get to be spent at your sewing machine!

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