Check out my new thread rack…sort of

So I bought myslef a new thread rack that I love.  Except, it is not really a thread rack, it is for nail polish.  However, i love it for threads and  it even fits serger thread.  Plus it looks so pretty.  It is from Amazon  If you are interested.  Finally I can see all my thread and not rifle through boxes and drawers.  I actually have more thread and my serger thread, so I may get another one.

So, an update on my basting spray issue. THank you to Sharon for reminding me to email the manufacturing company.  This is what they told me:

Good afternoon Lori,
     Thank you for reaching out to us at June Tailor. We did have to make some changes to the basting spray due to a new law change in California. You will be happy to hear though that we have since revised and it is now like the original basting spray yet staying within the guidelines of the new law. It is due in here to us sometime in August. If you would like to send me your address I would like to send you a can on us, to try. Below is the changes we made and why.
Thank you for reaching out.  I have included an overview of some of the changes made to the formula and why.  To summarize, we needed to make changes to our formula to comply with regulations in the state of California.  We also moved our production to the United States and already have our chemists working on improvements for our second production run.  In addition to a more robust nozzle with a more restrictive flow rate, we have worked on the scent.
Our Quilt Basting Spray is made up of an adhesive and a propellant. A propellant is a compressed gas that acts as a vehicle for discharging the contents of an aerosol containers; in this case, the adhesive component.  The state of California now restricts us on using certain types of chemicals in this propellant, so we have had to modify our formula slightly. The adhesive should work basically the same as previous cans.
We added the ball in the can to further assist with mixing of the adhesive and the propellant. Please be sure to shake the can well before using.
If your can has a small white spray nozzle with a black dot, you may need less of a heavy hand when spraying your batting. We have already made modifications to the design and flow-rate of the can nozzles on the cans to provide a more restrictive flow as the product is sprayed. This should help with stickiness and dry-time.  It is, of course, still always best to test a small piece of fabric and batting.
Additional modifications are already being implemented in regards to the odor and we are looking for additional input from you, our long-term customers. We have received excellent customer feedback and questions about the changes to the product and are working very diligently with our chemists to make product improvements and adjustments to give you the very best experience with our basting spray while keeping within regulatory guidelines.

I can hope there is improvement. It was my favorite basting spray.  I actually have a couple of quilts finished.  Need to get those posted.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


29 thoughts on “Check out my new thread rack…sort of

  1. Hi Lori, I LOVE your new thread rack! It looks so pretty and I’ll bet it makes you happy every time you see it 🙂 I’m glad you got a similar response when you contacted the June Tailor group…we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the ‘new’ formula is much better than what you recently experienced 🙂

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  2. That is good news about the basting spray, and your use of a nail polish rack for thread is brilliant. (Does anyone really have that much nail polish?😳) can’t wait to see your quilts.

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  3. Like the tread rack and glad you contacted them! Hoping the new can will be better and not so hazardous to your healthy – think California is nuts anyway and probably sell this stuff to the idiots to get high! (oops not a PC comment – too bad!)

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  4. Hi Lori! Thanks for sharing the update on the spray basting. Very interesting and I’m impressed that they answered you. Your thread looks so pretty on that new holder. It’s hard to believe that you have even more to display! I love how you have it organized. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. That rack is such a good idea! I’ve seen them in dozens of nail shops and never even thought of that! Thanks for sharing your idea. That was a very nice letter from the company. California laws run the entire country for many things. I’m not surprised about that, but I did like hearing they moved production back to the U.S.!

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