What the ???

So I needed to baste a couple of quilts.  For me, spray baste has always worked best.  I have tried all types, even the homemade.  June Taylor basting spray always worked the best for me and had little or no smell.  It was easy to lift off and re position.

Not anymore.

I noticed the last time that the lid had changed and oddly it now had a ball inside the can (like spray paint).  I thought that was weird.  Then I went to spray it n something small and Good God, the smell was over powering and awful.   So, that means we are relocating to the garage. OK.  I can manage that.

So I am spraying away…..a pretty butterfly flies into the garage….and promptly drops dead.

OMG…. How toxic is this stuff?  I am done now.  Need to figure out a plan B and stop freaking out.

July 3rd was the anniversary of my late Husband Derrick’s death.  It is a day that is stuck in my head.  It is not really a day that I want to remember, yet I do.  Six years have passed and this year for some reason it hit me hard.  Some of it was because I got frustrated looking for a picture of him on my phone.    They never change.  They never will.  We were together for five years, married for two of those.  I am grateful for the time I had with him even though it was nowhere near enough.  He truly was that once in a lifetime love.  Haley and I used to always go to the scene of the accident, which I decided was a little too dark.  Pretty sure it is the last place he would be if he could be.  If he could be anywhere, it was right beside us.  So we honored him at home this time, where we wish he was.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure Your Loved Ones.


31 thoughts on “What the ???

  1. Oh no, I use that basting spray all the time too! Where did you buy it? Online? Sometimes when sold online it’s not the genuine/original item. So shocking that it was wildly different from what we’re used to.

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling during this anniversary time ❤ Sending good thoughts your way.

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  2. These anniversaries are always hard. Just try to remember the good times and be grateful for them. Like you, I believe those who’ve passed on are with us in our heart and mind.
    And thanks for the heads up about the basting spray.

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  3. I think the memory table you set up is lovely. So sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for your post about the basting spray. Every time I thought about buying some, I would read the disclaimers and warnings on the can and decide to not buy it. I had heard people say it is okay if you just follow the directions, but I just wasn’t sure I wanted to try it.


  4. Hi Lori! {{Hugs}} a whole bunch for you. I have to say I agree – he would absolutely want to be with the two of you. Wherever that might be, doing whatever was appropriate – he would want to be with you. And he wouldn’t want you to be sad either. I’m fairly certain that would break his heart because he didn’t want to leave. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. What the ??? is right. Thankfully the sweet butterfly alerted you to the problem. Anniversary like yours is always tough but I love your ‘new’ reasoning and honoring of Derricks passing – beautifully written. hugs Sharon

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  6. Awe, I’m sorry this is still a struggle for you. I wish I could say it gets easier, and although I have never lost a spouse I have lost both parents and my adoptive father. I mourn still for the adoptive father and its been almost 15 years. On a happier note, would you be interested in testing a pattern for me? The flimsy just needs completed by Nov 18. Its a quick pattern?

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  7. I’m so glad that you and Haley found a lighter way to remember Derrick. I waited and waited for the grief to end, but I finally concluded it just doesn’t, because I’ll never stop missing Paul until we are together again. Having Derrick be heartlessly ripped from your lives way too early is even harder to adjust to, I’m certain.

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