I finished something….and I can not get my act together

I finished the dinosaur quilt.  Well, that is easy when you get laid off and have no job. 20180917_133908 Right before the holidays.  Yeah.  Ugh.  Oh please, let me add some more crappy ass news (sorry for that).  My favorite uncle died on Thanksgiving day.  He was the last bit of my Mom that I had.  He had the best sense of humor.  He loved to tease my Mom (when she was still here), which us kids found hysterical.  He lived in Germany (that is where my other was from).  I loved when he called me.  He always made me laugh and it reminded me of Mom.  I will miss him dearly.

The picture is my Uncle Uwe, my dear sweet sister Kellie and my cousin Holger (who is coming to visit in August.  Very excited about that).  It is a great photo.  Holger and Kellie were about a year apart.  He came to live with my parents for a year and went to High School as a teenager with Kellie.

So, while job hunting, I am sewing, which is sort of good.  Helps to keep my mind of my super crappy life.

About the Dinosaur quilt (rant over)

It came out cute.  I really like it.  No fancy quilting, just meandering, which seemed to work fine for this quilt.  I pieced the back, which came out pretty good.  I find this adds personality to the quilt and takes way less fabrics.  I can use up random one yard pieces that I have.

I feel guilty for not reading everyone’s blog, I need to get back to that.  it is one of my happy places.  I really love to see what everyone is doing.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your loved ones.



28 thoughts on “I finished something….and I can not get my act together

  1. Cute quilt. Have you thought of being an Uber driver? Seriously. I took Uber everywhere when I was in Vegas and one of my drivers told me he and his wife had a custodial service and several of their customers didn’t renew contracts and he had to put food on the table and pay bills. His friend suggested he be an Uber driver and at first he didn’t. Now he and his wife both are drivers (she doesn’t take the night rides), and they are making more money than before. They even made enough to get a new van and charge higher fares to take bigger groups. You work when you want (or not) and can choose to only pick up females if it makes you feel safer. It’s a thought. Prayers you find something that fits.


  2. Hi Lori! Gee whiz, nothing like kicking a dog when it’s down. I am so sorry to hear about your job, and even more sorry to hear about your Uncle. {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. I wish I could deliver that hug in person and spend a few hours with you over a cuppa. Your dinosaur quilt turned out so cute. If there’s one nice bright spot, it’s that you get to get a little of your sewing mojo on. I wish a Happy Happy Monday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Hi Lori, Lord have mercy! 2018 has been a bust for you, but it’s almost over. I hope 2019 will be a fresh start with good things coming your way. I’m loving those colors in the dino quilt. They are my favorites.


  4. Lori, the quilt is just adorable, well done! I am just praying that 2019 is a much better year for you. This has just been such a tough time for you. As for the job, you never know. When I got fired I was just stunned, and wondered how I would ever do anything else, but it has all worked out.

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  5. Your quilt looks fab! So sorry for your loss and news re job, it must have been such a shock, awful timing. I hope you get something soon and it turns out to be better than your previous one.

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  6. I’m sorry you have had so much loss and heartache to bear this year and then to have your job taken away too…. I hope the extra sewing time will be the bright silver lining in the dark cloud of 2018. Glad you have your cousins visit to look forward to and hope that 2019 brings many other good things your way.

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