Cute and Ugly

I finally got caught up on my Fall into a quilt along blocks.  At some point when I get the current design off my design wall, I will take a picture of all the blocks together.  Love the pumpkin block.  I did not like it though until I looked at the photo.  For some reason it all looked wrong to me.  Then when I looked at the photo, I thought, OK, It is not that bad.  Lucky for me Nanette had sent me some Batik scraps and there were some lovely orange ones.

Eww, the pie.  Don’t care for this one.  I think it was mostly my choice of colors on the bottom half.  Well, I guess there is bound to be one out of the group that I did not care WaterMark_2018-08-10-21-45-57for.  I am leaving it through.  I will keep it with the not quite right sunflower.

So, I think I may try the quilt as you go method on this. Obviously I am not doing it as I go….LOL.  I tried this technique a long time ago and decided I did not like it.  But lately, I have watched a few videos and decided I need to give this another try.

Sister Kellie is sounding a bit better the last few days.  I am hoping things stay that way.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


22 thoughts on “Cute and Ugly

  1. Hi Lori! {{Hugs}} Thanks for the update on Kellie – you both have been on my mind. I think you pumpkins look great. Very realistic and perfect with the orange batiks. Here’s to this month continuing on the up-swing! Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Ha, you are ahead of me now, as I haven’t done the pumpkins yet. I think your pie looks great, and I like the table cloth very much. You are too critical of your work, Lori. I’m glad to hear Kellie is sounding a bit better, I hope that keeps going up and up and up!

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  3. Thanks for the report on Kellie,me will keep praying! The pumpkin blocks are so cute, I almost want to get some orange and do a pumpkin quilt is fall, but maybe not! Your pie block looks pretty good, I think it is the block, not the fabric or the quilter! I’ve seen 5 or 6 of these and I haven’t seen one that I fall in love with….it will probably work great with the whole quilt. Ip

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  4. My Mom is 87 and still making quilts for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren but it’s a good idea to make and keep some for future babies. Mom has several grandchildren who haven’t gotten married and she has a stash of quilts for those babies to be.
    So sorry to read about your sister.

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