My One Monthly Goal

So, for my one monthly goal, I am going to finish my hugs and kisses wall hanging, in entirety.  Thank you, Red Rooster Quilts, for giving this to me, block by block every two weeks.  I also need to thank them for allowing me to deposit my paycheck at their store every two weeks when I went to get my “free” quilt block.  I would love to see the statistics on their sales and see the benefits of this way to get more money from us quilters.  I don’t blame them, I love the shop.  I would imagine that people may have went more often and bought things they really did not need (not talking about myself, no I am not). I think of the 26 weeks, I only went three times and walked out with nothing, and that was likely due to being short on time.  And yes, should they do this again, I will fall prey to their clever marketing schemes.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is about a mile from where I work.  So, when the nerds start getting on my nerves, I must go to a happy place. $$$

So, last week-end, Lynn and I had our own Sew in. She brought this beautiful quilt she had done.  She had such awesome quilting.  I asked how she did.  She told me she traced her design on freezer paper, ironed it on and then follow along.  Sounded like something I needed to try, which is why you see the freezer paper all over my Hugs and Kisses quilt. Hoping it makes my quilting less scary. I had a picture on my phone, but some how bunches of my photo’s keep disappearing.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


24 thoughts on “My One Monthly Goal

  1. What a great way to get you into the shop!! Freezer paper was a challenge for me. Suggest you put some PINS in tho, because it lifted for me when I was manhandling a twin size quilt. I used my Brother Scan N Cut, and cut out a couple hundred medium flowers and pressed them to the border of a quilt, with the idea of quilting “around the edges” and connecting with a curvy vine. I had “measured” and space and so forth and about flower # 4 they were popping off as I was handling and twisting and turning my quilt under the needle. I had to go back to the work table, lay them all back out with the measuring tool, and iron them back down, then I added a pin in the center just to hold them still. Additionally, a pair of tweezers was my friend after the quilting was complete. Be sure you have a fresh SHARP needle in place before you start so the perforations of the paper keep you from having to pick bits out from under the thread. My sister in law tried it on her long arm and hated it. Someone else I know used those thin “deli” papers & had great success.

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  2. Oh that is a cool idea for quilting, I never thought of using freezer paper – thanks for the idea! That is funny about you “depositing your paycheck” at Red Rooster Quilts, we have all felt like that when it comes to being lured in by yumminess at quilt shops! 🙂

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  3. Hi Lori,
    This is really interesting to me! So you have the basic idea of what you want to quilt on the freezer paper, and then just follow along? That sounds great – I can’t wait to read how you do and see your results. Deep breathe – you can do it! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. I can’t wait to see the completed project. This is going to be awesome! Will be good to hear how you like the freezer paper method of quilting. I’m always looking for something easier or more precise or something other than straight lines.

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  5. Oh lady, do I hear ya! Scrappy Quilter is just outside the gate from work and I make a lunch time trip there about once a week or as needed for therapy from the nerds (as you say…I work with them too). I keep teasing them that they need to give me my own parking space! lol Interested to see how your freezer paper thing works out. I don’t have the patience to pick out all those tiny bits of paper. Use a larger needle and a 3.0 stitch length to make you life easier. I tried it with paper specifically designed for this purpose and it was a total PITA once the stitching was done. Good luck!


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