Only Little Old Ladies Quilt……REALLY?

So, this was my conversation the other night with my significant other.  The conversation started because I was telling him that Lynn and I were going to do our own “Sew In” in our dining room. One thing led to another and he informed me that only little old ladies quilt.

“So, I am a little old lady?”(me).  His response was, “well if the shoe fits”.  Then he went on to tell me that his Mom did this stuff.  What stuff?(me)  “You know did things with yarn” (him).  “You mean like crochet?”(me)  “Yah, that kind of stuff”(him).

Well, just for your information, not all the people in my quilt guild are old”. (me)  The majority, the average age?(him)  !!%%%&&& (words I should not type).  “Just so you know I have done this my whole life, not just since I have known you” (me).  “Why are you getting so offended?” (Him).  “Well, I think you just called me old, and all my friends.”  I am tempted to give you all his phone number and email address to set him straight, however this little old lady may find alternative methods of showing him the error of his ways. Lynn can punch him when she sees him.

I now have all my blocks for my free quilt top from Red Rooster quilts.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that week 26 was binding.  Gosh I love free stuff, especially quilt stuff.  I hope they do it again.  So now, I need to put it all together.  I already have the backing, so I should be good to go.  I really do like Orange.


33 thoughts on “Only Little Old Ladies Quilt……REALLY?

  1. lol I think you need to take husband to a craft fair, one of these days . . . he’ll discover it’s not only little old ladies who craft, but middle-aged women, young women, teens and there are also quite a few men who enjoy needlecrafts too!
    I can see where he got his sterotype from though. I joined a patchwork club a few years ago and ages went from 49 to 89, with the majority of members being closer to their 70s than 60s :d
    However, you only need to look at all our blogging friends to know that needlecraft is attracting more & more young people these days and whatever our age, we’re all full of vitality and very young at heart lol.

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  2. Hi Lori,
    HAHAHAHAHA! I will be happy to text and call your DH and tell him that I’m NOT OLD YET (okay, 59 is oldish but not completely old). I think we need to think of something far more serious to get the message through to him. Like only old people telephone any more – young people text; or something to do with a hobby of his like golf. I would almost be offended if I knew him, and I hope Lynn gives him a good pop from all of us. Geez. What a way to start the week – oh yeah, it’s Tuesday. Well, you know what I mean! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Little ole’ ladies huh??? Mr K. had better be taking you out to dinner to get back in your good graces! I remember when my ex told me at the age of 45 that I was too old to continue trying to complete my degree!!!!!! Talk about UPSET. That one ended in divorce and I graduated (from all night school) 30 years to the day from College – Showed him didn’t I! LOL You keep on being a quilter Lori – I just love your sense of humor and love for life! Too funny!!!!

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  4. They think they are so cute! My DH likes to say that if he walked into a room of quilters and called out “Granny” everyone would turn around! Well, I AM a granny and I don’t mind at all. I enjoy this quilting community…all ages of them!

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  5. I began sewing in middle school. By the time college hit, I didn’t have the time/machine to do it. Then I was establishing my career – then raising children – then building my business . . . I sewed all during these years when I could, but the simple fact is that other things took precedence. I am thrilled to now be old enough that I can spend time sewing. We old ladies need to stick together ! Nuts to him.

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  6. Quilting is very hip – just look at the modern quilt movement with 20 year olds quilting! I think only little old ladies quilted like in the 1800s – ha! Oh and your quilt top looks wonderful – that palette is awesome!

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  7. I love your blog, you’re so funny, Lori! That ol man needs to stay in his man cave, doesn’t he?! 🙂 It’s funny, getting older. Quilting does seem like something I grew up thinking old ladies did. But I love it, and I am still under 50. (Not far under, but still under!) I remember going to the APQS quilt show a couple of years ago and feeling out of place, because I was so young to be in this huge group of “older” ladies. I was sure I stuck out because I was so young. Then I rode the elevator with a group of nice quilters. There was a mirror in the back of the elevator car, and as I glanced up, I realized that I was indistinguishable from the group! I fit right in! LOL So much for being young. But I say, so what? At least I found my tribe! 🙂

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  8. Sounds familiar; my dear husband had the same opinion until I dragged him to preview night at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. He was impressed, and seldom makes fun of little old ladies & quilting now.

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  9. Well, he’s just a brat! I may be an old lady now, but I’ve been quilting since I was 17. I know a number of teenagers who quilt, and a whole lot of 25-35s. He’s just being ignorant to generalize from his mother to everyone. Besides, so what if little old ladies quilt? Keeps them from poisoning little old men. LOL

    Actually, both of my sons made quilts when they were pre-teens, and my husband made some and also quilted on my longarm for his own set of clients.

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  10. Ouch, a hard pill to swallow that Lil Ole Lady stuff! However…I have noticed at many of the quilt shows I have attended and worked at over the last few years, that indeed, there are far fewer youthful faces than experienced ones. On the up side…I did attend a couple of meetings at a modern quilt guild, and those are all fresh faced quilters forging ahead.

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  11. I adore orange X quilt with the low-volume backgrounds. It’s so simple and striking. Try the Little Red Hen approach…If only “little old ladies” quilt, then we are the only ones who get to stay warm under the quilts!!

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