Are you Kidding me? My November One Monthly Goal

I feel like such an idiot.  So, I was working along about six weeks ago, quilting away.  I was going way outside my comfort zone on this one.  Then, I suddenly noticed a huge mistake.  I have no idea how I could have overlooked something so glaring as this.  Do you see it?  OMG, I was so mad at myself that I put this quilt away and refused to look at it.  This kind of careless stuff frustrates me so very much.  I have no one to be mad at but myself.   I have come to the decision that one of my alternate personality is not to bright. I should name her.   I opt for Ninny (AKA Nincompoop).

In case you didn’t notice, there are 3 camels in a row.  Just saying that, makes me mad. ARGHHHHHH.  What was I thinking?  I looked at this over and over and managed to miss this?  Jeez.

Anyway, I should still finish it, even if it is just for quilting practice.  The quilting is about half completed.  I have decided to make it my One Monthly Goal for November.  I plan to complete it including the binding and then hide it for eternity.   Ho Hum…

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


52 thoughts on “Are you Kidding me? My November One Monthly Goal

  1. I think if the three camels end up falling in the centre of the quilt, it would seem deliberate. Other blocks are duplicated next to each other so I don’t think it’s as glaring a mistake as you think, Lorrie.

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  2. Oh Nooo, how annoying, I make silly mistakes all the time and spend ages unpicking them, KJ says I have to concentrate more lol.

    I think your quilt is absolutely lovely apart from your mistake, but how about giving it a name, something like ‘triple camel’ then the three together would seem like it was done on purpose.


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  3. I promise you, Ninny (!), that whatever little child is curled up in this lovely quilt will not notice or even care about those 3 camels in a row. They might even make up a story about those three little camels. 🙂

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  4. I saw the 3 camels in a row, and I thought, “brilliant, definitely not expected,” and I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t see a mistake. I was looking for a block upside down or sideways, sashing that was different, fabric with the wrong side up … and couldn’t find anything. Finish it as is, and give it away – don’t hide it. Someone will love it!

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  5. I feel your pain, but also agree with everyone else – it’s an awesome quilt and the camels don’t stand out as much as you think. Don’t hide it! Finish it and give it to a little one. They will love it.

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  6. I personally did not see it until you pointed it out. I think you should finish it and donate to a charity and use it as an intelligence test. I wouldn’t pass either. 🙂 It’s just not that noticeable and most children will appreciate it and never focus on it. Get it done, pass it on. Lesson learned. Just my take on it. But I’m kind of a Ninny too. 😉

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  7. Lori, I don’t think it looks bad at all! You should definitely finish it but don’t hide it away. At the very least donate it. Things happen! Even though we look at something, whether it be words in our posts or blocks in our quilts, there is the possibility that we will miss something that is out of place. Don’t kick yourself! Just blame it on Ninny! LOL 🙂

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