I am Such a Slacker on Free Quilt Block Day

As I have mentioned in the past, Red Rooster  (Dublin, Ohio) quilt shop gives a free quilt block every two weeks.  There are thirty total that will complete a wall Hanging Quilt.  It is super cute and has a lot of Orange, which I love.  They are total geniuses for doing this.   These are about 6” blocks, so they are giving you maybe a dollars’ worth of fabric.  But, I am going into their store and spending money every two weeks.  So that dollar they are spending they have already made back more times than I care to admit.  I always liked the shop, but now I have a very specific reason to go every two weeks (which I would not normally do unless I specifically needed something.  Random visits cost money) and collect my block and whatever else tickles my fancy (the problem).  The other part of the issue is that my Day job as Nerd Whisperer keeps me about two miles from the shop.  So, when I have had my fill of the nerd squad I go to relax and wander around their store (probably not the best option for my wallet, despite the free block).

So, why am I slacker?  Well, I didn’t buy anything today when I went to get my block (I should probably see a doctor) but when I was checking out, the lovely lady at the counter asked me if I was up to date on my block creations.  As she handed me block #15, I had to admit that I just finished block #10.  Seriously they are 6 inch blocks.  I am such a slacker.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


15 thoughts on “I am Such a Slacker on Free Quilt Block Day

  1. I totally get the issue. I won a free yard of fabric every month for a year. I participated for 8 of the 12 months. All the while thinking of how much the free fabric was costing me. I did benefit in that I received 8 yards of fabric free and purchased oodles of other items which were added to my stash. But, at quite a cost in time, mileage along with the other related costs. Oh well!

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  2. I love the orange! I’d definitely collect those blocks. I love browsing an actual quilt shop instead of online shopping, but you do feel pressure to buy something when you’re there in person. When I shop online, I don’t have as much “mission creep.” Thanks for the post, it was a fun read!

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  3. I love browsing in fabric stores, but I always buy things that speak to my heart. Lately I have been avoiding the LQS , as I am not in ‘need’ of anything. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I have a $75 gift card to one, and am hoarding it like a crazy woman. Time to treat myself….but then, it is quilt show season, and I have made up for my shopping at shows. Just how many 30’s reproduction fabrics do I need……Going to one today! You have a smart shop offering the “free block”.


  4. I sometimes walk into a fabric shop and deliberately not buy anything, just to prove that I can! This often ends up with me slinking back to the shop, to get all the pretty things I saw during my self control building mission 🙂

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