I am not alone…

Spent Saturday at the local quilt guild’s Quilt-In.  They had a guest speaker teaching free20170624_114256_resized motion quilting.  I learned quite a few things, many techniques I was not familiar with.  I actually made quite  fantastic feather.  However, somehow I do not have a photo of it.  I think the biggest thing I got out of it was how not to be too critical and be adventuresome with new designs.  I actually feel like I my be able to venture out.  First I will have to finish my “One Monthly Goal” for June, then I can move onto another top where maybe I can try a new technique.  It was also interesting to see that many others struggled with the actual quilting part the way I do.  I am not alone.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

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18 thoughts on “I am not alone…

  1. Hi Lori. You are not alone. I love to piece my quilts and even enjoy doing the binding, but I do not love the actual quilting. Thank goodness I have a long arm (but I still do not love it as much as I do piecing.) I think it is like exercising: I know it is good for your health but, as my grandson says, I just can’t like it. 🙂

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      1. Oh, me too!! The fun is in the piecing, for sure – and I do like the binding, as well. I think I would like the quilting better if I were to be good at free – motion, because that seems fun, if you can do it. Otherwise, it seems impossible. LOL I def. need to just start doing it, like you’re doing, Lori.

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  2. well, I will join the group! I love applique (hand), piecing, binding, and only the long arm to finish the quilt! Hopefully I will get caught up. I am sending out some of the tops for just pantograms so they will be finished! Less work for the one handed quilter (for awhile).

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  3. I admire everyone’s attempts at quilting, whether amateur or professional. I like the choosing of fabric (or collecting for my stash!), piecing can be fun, simple quilting is very very effective, it doesn’t have be clever or perfect.

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