One of the Many Uses of Our Pool Table

You think it would be so we could play pool.  Nope.  It is really there so I can lay out quilts.  I went to Lowe’s and bought a board that fit perfectly on top. While it is not quite tall enough for me, it certainly beats trying to do it on the floor.  Then I would have dogs walking across it or laying on it.  Using the pool table just means the dogs are laying underneath it or at my feet.

This is totally a UFO, circa 1990’s.  But it has a bit of special meaning.  The second quilt I ever made was exactly the same.  This was from leftover fabric (obviously bought way too much).  It has special meaning, because I gave that quilt to my mother.  It was the first time she was ever impressed with something that I did.  Mom is not with us anymore, and I think one of my older sisters has the quilt.

I can tell that I did this quilt top a long time ago.  Still had not figured everything about quilting.  Totally ironed the seams like a rookie (open).  The sashing…”Good God” … horrible.  My use of a ruler was truly an issue back then.

I managed to fix it enough to get is square so I could quilt it.  I wanted to find the same thread I used on Mom’s, but could not find it anywhere.  It was a multi-color Sulky that was Black, Red and gold.  It really looked awesome of the quilt.  I wound up with a variegated black/gray.  It will have to do.

This is a simple quilt (basic 9 patch), so I will do simple quilting.  I will likely do a loopy meandering.

That is about the only thing I got done this weekend.  New Rheumatoid Arthritis drug, sort of kicked my butt on Saturday.  Crossing my fingers that this one works.  I am on Drug #4 in the last six months.  I do feel much better today though.  Just need to keep my immune system up since all these drugs kill your immune system.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


20 thoughts on “One of the Many Uses of Our Pool Table

  1. Neat quilt and like your post. I do hope the #4 will help you! I will NEVER take another steroid shot! I am still trying to find me…. LOL. Some of the drugs will absolutely turn one into an idiot, or neurotic idiot. Hope you continue to feel better!!!

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  2. Great use of a pool table. I have a drop leaf dining table that my last husband put wheels under to easily move it into a space where I can work. it’s still too low but works nicely and we found it at a thrift store for $10, Anything beats the floor. Love the quilt and happy it holds some good memories for you.

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  3. Lori, I do the same thing on our pool table. To help your back, I recommend getting a set of bed risers to put under the wood. I bought some of these from Amazon for less than $20 and they work great because they are adjustable. I’m 5’9″ so I extended them all the way up. Your back will thank you! I also used regular masking tape around the edges of the wood to prevent snags on the rough edges. I found that masking tape stuck better than painter’s tape but that works too if the tape is wide enough. And congrats on eliminating a UFO. That’s a great accomplishment!


  4. You are making me wish we still had our pool table!! Nice Quilt. My husband has had RA since before 1976 when he was finally diagnosed. I think he has been on just about every med they made and did a experimental test as well. Now a combo of Methotrexate and Embrel seem to be keeping further damage under control, but his hands and feet are just about useless. Hope you have good luck with #4.
    xx, Carol

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  5. I would call that the perfect purpose for a pool table! I look forward to seeing it quilted, too. I’m surprised the quilt didn’t come back to the maker. Hope #4 is the charm for you, and it’s a good sign you are feeling better!

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