May One Monthly Goal Success

So, I managed to finish my one monthly goal for May.  Still don’t have plans for the border, but I’m rolling a couple of ideas around in my head.  I will get to it.

This piece was made from 4 mini charm packs by Monday called “Prints Charming”.  I did not really like it as it was up on the design board, but I like it a lot more now that it is all sewn together.  I will have to say they sewing these small pieces together, is a test of your piecing skills.

I had big plans to work on quilting this holiday weekend.  Did not turn out that way.  Had lot’s of plans that did not seem to work out.  Sleeping in would have been nice…LOL.  No chance of that happening.  Managed to burn each finger on my right hand this morning, making bacon.  Did not realize that the dish towel I grabbed to get the bacon out of the over was damp.  My choice was to drop hot bacon grease and bacon on the dogs at my feet wanting bacon, or to burn my fingers.  Easier for me to suffer than them.

Need to come up with my June Monthly Goal.  Have to be easy on myself because this RA medication is still kicking my butt.

On this Memorial Day, I honor all those that have lost their lives protecting us.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure Your Family


26 thoughts on “May One Monthly Goal Success

  1. Cute project! I agree that piecing smaller units can really be challenging. I was working with a lot of 2″ squares in a border unit yesterday and can relate! So sorry about your burns. I hope you got the grease off quickly and into ice water. I think pot holders should be on your “next project” list; and find a place to keep them close at hand to the oven and stove. I finally hung a command strip hook on the side of a cabinet because I never had one “near the microwave”. They were always across the kitchen by the oven. Of course, my oven door is where the damp towels hang, because they “dry better” there. Praying you Heal quickly!

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  2. Does it ever make you wonder why we try to plan anything? LOL. Sorry about burning your hands. I found out what “pain shot” they would use on my hand surgery and told them forget that I will take a Tylenol and suffer! At least when we have pain we know we are alive (sadistic humor). Take care and have a good day.

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  3. I’m so sorry your stitching and sleeping plans for the weekend didn’t work out. That burn sounds nasty, ouch! Hope they heal fast.

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