Hospital Hexies again…

20170310_070254_resizedWell, I am at the hospital  making hexies again.  Today Miranda is having surgery on her elbow.  When she had her accident, she had a compound fracture of her elbow.  She also lost about 3 inches of the bone.  So today, they will take a bone from her thigh and use it to permanently repair her elbow.  She has limited movement, so hopefully this will provide her better range of motion.  The x-ray is totally scary looking.  I have a few others I will ut on her page.

For now, I will continue to make hexies to pass the 20170310_094411time.   I still have two more pieces to make for the entire bedroom set, so at least it is productive.

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure your family


11 thoughts on “Hospital Hexies again…

  1. Talk about pins and needles…..those surgeons could be quilters! I do hope the surgery goes well and the recovery time is short. I think you are right that it is important to treasure our loved ones. I hope the stitching of hexies will help you relax. Prayers

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  2. Hi Lori, I’m linking to you in my blog for Sunday, March 12, to make you part of the “One Lovely Blog Award” chain. As far as I know there is no actual award, it’s just a way to help people discover new blogs by linking to them. Go to my blog Sunday and you’ll see what is involved ( Pass it on! Best wishes, Mary

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