Cute Quick Little Bag form the Crazy Dog Lady…..then why is it made with Cat Fabric?

So, I like to make gifts.  I am not always sure that everyone appreciates handmade gifts, but because a part of me goes with them, I like it.  I know I treasure the things that others have made for me. 20170211_210814_resized_1

Sorry, reminds me of a story.  My mother could crochet and knit beautifully. However, I had to try and do everything crafty.  For as long as I remember I was always doing something.  After I moved from home, my parents came to visit for a weekend.  I wanted to go to a quilt/craft show (Imagine that).  My Dad would go walk around anywhere.  He was easy to please.  Mom, agreed to go, but I knew she was doing it just for me, not because she really wanted to.  We stopped at a booth that was doing a demo of stenciling on fabric.  They asked us to sit down and try.  I am pretty sure my mother wanted to run away, but she did it.  She made the most beautiful tulip painting on fabric.  She was actually quite pleased with herself.  She hung it up in the bathroom at her house.  Every time I went in that bathroom, I smiled when I saw it.  Now that she is not here with me anymore, I still smile when I look at that tulip hanging on the wall of my bedroom. Enough reminiscing and missing Mom.

I especially like to make gifts that help me practice a skill (putting in zippers on this one) and are useful.  This cute little bag could be used for makeup, keeping credit cards/money,20170211_210808_resized_1 receipts.  Whatever you want.  It was fairly easy, considering there was a zipper in it (which initially scared me).  I obviously have friends and family that are cat lovers, even though I live in a “Dog” house (Ha! Pun).  I will put some candy and/or lip gloss and give this to a friend for her birthday.

This pattern is available for free at  Search for “Easy Zipper Pouch”.  The Exact title is “Easy Zipper Pouch … Two Ways”.

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure your family




10 thoughts on “Cute Quick Little Bag form the Crazy Dog Lady…..then why is it made with Cat Fabric?

  1. I’m a dog person. Fond of cats is they are not MINE. But I LOVE cat fabric and have an awful lot of it. I like to make gifts too and little bags like the one you made are useful to everyone.
    xx, Carol

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  2. Trying something new can be intimidating. Sometime doing something you have been doing for a long time can be intimidating. I put in my first zipper when I was 15 y/o or so and I still get nervous when I have to put one in and I’m 50 now! (LOL) It looks like you did a great job! What ever happen to you mom’s tulip painting? Does she still have it?

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  3. That is cute as anything! Lucky friend. I loved the memory of your mom. It made me smile, too. Sometimes the things we do to make someone else happy make us happier than we imagined they could. It’s memories like that – poignant I call them – that make the missing bearable. I’m so glad it’s in your bathroom now. =)

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