An Ancient UFO with some Odd Issues

20170219_142801_resizedAs I go through the many many boxes of miscellaneous quilt boxes (like it’s Christmas for me). I am coming across projects that I started and never finished for whatever reason.

I could guess that this never got finished because, well, I got pregnant and my daughter was born.  I am sure that is why I know that I started this quilt in 2003.  I am not sure I remember why.  The colored part is actually one piece of fabric with all the multi colored batiks.  I sometimes can’t remember what I ate for lunch, but I remember that I bought this not in the quilting fabric area.  It was actually in the clothing fabric area.  Weird the things you remember.  I most likely remember because I thought it was interesting and since it was not in the quilting fabric, it was way less expensive.  I love a bargain.  It is high quality fabric too.

Now to the odd issues.  So, the black in this quilt is defiantly 100% cotton, but the fabric seams weak.  I had a couple of seems that were previously torn out (like 13 years ago)..  When i resewed these seams the fabric just fell apart.  It happened on a couple of pieces.  So, then I took a square to see how easy it would come apart if pulled at both sides.  It was way to easy.  With my rheumatoid arthritis, I would expect me not to be able to pull apart (not tear) a Piece of fabric by holding one edge in each hand and pulling.  So, I have a concern that this quilt is just going to fall apart.  Nearly all of the squares are done, so I feel compelled to complete it.


Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?  it does not appear that any bugs or anything got to the fabric, so I am at a loss.  I would appreciate any insight, because it sort of pretty and would be a shame to have to lose it.   Thanks.

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20 thoughts on “An Ancient UFO with some Odd Issues

  1. Oh, it is much too pretty to give up on – I bet if, after you sewed all the squares together, if you used fusible batting directly onto the back of the quilt, that would give it stability. Then – lots of close quilting for even more strength – or is it even worse than I think & that won’t help?

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  2. Well, Lori. I’m going to ask the universal quilt question……”How is the quilt going to be used?” (Isn’t that what we always have to answer?) So if it is going to live its life keeping someone warm in the bed, I might hesitate to use that fabric. If you are just going to hang it or use it as a display, then I would try Jodierichelle’s idea and maybe maker it smaller So it’s easier/gentler to handle while you quilt, etc. (It’s the fabric tearing, not the threads, right? Very curious. ). Anyway, please share what you decide to do with it as I will be waiting for the rest of the story!

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  3. I have never had that happen but have heard of it. I would back it with a fusible stabilizer and then make your quilt sandwich. And then if it starts to fall apart in a year, you can use that as batting for another quilt to help preserve it. And years from now it will end up on antique roadshow as a truly odd quilt in a quilt worth $$$$$$ :)!

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  4. It must be the week for UFOs because I have been doing the same thing! It is definitely like Christmas when opening those boxes:). As far as your odd fabric quilt, I must agree with Jodie- if it has been in a box for 13 years without missing it,–just toss it out and lighten your load. If you want a momento, save one block and frame it on the wall. I had to do that with an old quilt a few years ago and was surprised at how light I felt after I said good bye:)

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      1. Lori- I have been thinking about my recommendation to let your lovely quilt go– on second thought, what matters is what you want. If it doesn’t mean that much to you, let it go. If you love the colors and memories, sew it up and just be gentle with it. Enjoy it for as long as it survives. It is so beautiful and that alone makes it worth completing:). It’s all good and happy:)!

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  5. I love the mixed color batik; it’s too bad the black isn’t holding up. It would be a lot of work to take the blocks apart, but I did this with some antique blocks I bought that were extremely wonky. I think the quilter had not measured pieces, just sewed things together. I cut the pieces square and a 12″ badly pieced block turned into 9″ beautiful blocks. If you have the patience for it, it really doesn’t take that long to take out the stitching and get rid of the bad fabric. It’s a watching-tv activity. =)


  6. I am interested to see if you have decided what to do with this quilt? I think it is lovely, and really a shame that the fabric isn’t holding up. You have received some great suggestions – I have nothing more to add, but I am sure we are all curious for the final decision?! ~smile~

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