Something for the Fur Babies

20161112_162030_resized_1My dogs usually tear off bandannas.  I think they are cute, but for whatever reason they come untied and I find them in the yard.  So, I decided to make some that slipped over their collar.  Super cute and easy.

My First model is Moka.  She was not happy about wearing the bandanna. Not sure why, It complemented her Ohio State collar and dog tags.  She wasn’t happy last Christmas when I put her in a holiday sweater either.  She rolled around on the floor for hours til she wiggled out of it.  She eventually found a way to get it in her mouth and I had to remove it before is got Mokaed (destroyed).

My second model is Snibble.  She liked her bandana.  Especially since it made our resident20161112_154733_resized_1 OSU fan happy (Kevin).  Snibble has been madly in love with him since she met him.  We are all OSU fans, but I have to say, Kevin is the only one that arranges the shirts in his drawer by: OSU Football, OSU Basketball, anything related to New York (that is where he is from) and misc.  Heaven forbid I put something in the wrong pile. LOL.


The lucky bandannas must have worked, because OSU won in a smashing victory and some of their top opponents fell also, which should make them rise in the polls.  Which makes everyone at my house happy.


Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure your Family


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