I totally stole this from Lynn

So, my friend Lynn and I are going to a Quilt Retreat a week from Saturday weekend in Amish country.  Yeah,   A little getaway after a long couple of months.

So, I stopped by Lynn’s the other day and her awesome family had got her the most 20161019_212129_resizedawesome birthday gift to haul sewing machine and quilting supplies around.  So, I ,copied and went and got one myself.

I have to say, remembering my last retreat, where I hauled a bunch of plastic crates of stuff.  Add the fact that I have been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  Yup, I  needed one more thing.

This thing has room in the bottom for your sewing machine.  It has a giant case for supplies and tons of room for Fabric.  And, it is on wheels.  No lifting pulling dragging all that heavy stuff.  I bought it at Lowe’s.  $79.99, well spent.

So, My daughter, Miranda came home from the hospital.  She still can’t walk, but we are getting there.  Thanks to those that follow her Page.  Some day I will be normal again (whatever that is).


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


12 thoughts on “I totally stole this from Lynn

  1. Good news all round. Miranda is continuing to make progress, you have a nifty new contraption to carry all the necessities around and best of all you are going on a quilt retreat. It’s so special to spend the weekend with kindred spirits doing nothing but sewing.

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  2. What a wonderful case for EVERYTHING you need. A retreat in a box. =) I’m so glad to hear Miranda is well enough to be home. I know it’s a long road ahead. I know you are still working, so who is taking care of her?

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  3. Lori,
    This case is an awesome idea! My husband is a contractor and actually has one of these…I never thought to turn it into a “retreat in a box” as Dezertsuz said! My sewing machine case on wheels is soft sided and will not protect my machine should someone or something land on it. Guess what I am going to ask for at Christmas? So glad Miranda is home now and improving. Enjoy your retreat, can’t wait to hear all about it in future blogs!


    1. Empty it is very light…..when all the stuff is in there it is much heavier. I can manage it ok….if it gets to heavy to get out of car, you can detach top tool box til its out and then reattach too, that would certainly make lighter. Beats multiple plastic tubs with no wheels…


      1. The more I read this post, the more I want one! No retreats on my horizon, though, so I’ll wait until there are, but I may stop in and browse around them anyway. You know, just look. =) I finished all the Uncle Donald blocks for the first quilt today! Now I need to find the setting fabric somewhere. =)

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  4. Thank you for liking my blog. I just started following yours. I was shocked reading about your daughter’s accident. A real nightmare and I can’t imagine what you have been going through, but she is recovering and you sound like a strong woman. I wish both you and your daughter the very best.
    Enjoy your retreat. You deserve a break.

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