Hoarding Fabric…What to do?

What does everyone do with all their Fabric? I have so much. I don’t ever envision that I will have enough. I guess you could call it an obsession. There is something about Fabric that just makes me happy. Maybe it’s the colors, or the feel, or the smell. I am not sure. Nothing stops me from wanting more. I have boxes and boxes stored in my storage area(s), because you know it will not all fit in my sewing room. When I open a box it is like Christmas all over again. It sounds so exciting, which it is, but, that does not solve the fact that I am running out of room for Fabric. Mine is currently occupying two storage rooms at my house, my sewing room, the top of my dresser, the kitchen counter…..I think I need my own warehouse. I am sure I am not the only fabric hoarder out there. What do you all do with yours?


6 thoughts on “Hoarding Fabric…What to do?

  1. Mines in massive bin bags stuffed into one side of my sewing room. Needless to say there’s not much walking room in there anymore…


  2. I know the feeling! I just sit down with a glass of wine and shop my own fabric. I take out an arm full and rearrange them and just look at them (kind of odd I know). Somehow I find myself cutting into a piece. Currently I have a very low supply so that has helped me. Maybe a fabric swap with friends could be fun, or hanging them so they’re displayed.


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