Hoarding Fabric…What to do?

What does everyone do with all their Fabric? I have so much. I don’t ever envision that I will have enough. I guess you could call it an obsession. There is something about Fabric that just makes me happy. Maybe it’s the colors, or the feel, or the smell. I am not sure. Nothing stops me from wanting more. I have boxes and boxes stored in my storage area(s), because you know it will not all fit in my sewing room. When I open a box it is like Christmas all over again. It sounds so exciting, which it is, but, that does not solve the fact that I am running out of room for Fabric. Mine is currently occupying two storage rooms at my house, my sewing room, the top of my dresser, the kitchen counter…..I think I need my own warehouse. I am sure I am not the only fabric hoarder out there. What do you all do with yours?