The Crafty Widow Brings You: Personal Tags for Everything You Sew

Do you want your own personal tags for the items you sew, just like at the store? If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on them, but still want them I can show you an easy and inexpensive way to have nice professional looking tags that can be sewn into whatever you make.

My tags are made on White ribbon with Fabric Transfer sheets. I like the grossgrain ribbon, but you can use the satin wedding type also.

1.) Purchase ribbon in the width that you would like your tags to be. Easy.

2.) Setup your labels on your computer/printer. There is some testing that goes on here to make sure that your labels will fit on your ribbon. On Duplicate it as many times as possible so you can get as many as possible from each transfer sheet. You will need to reverse the image before it is printed, so when it is ironed it is not backwards.

3.) Once your design is set, duplicated, and reversed, print on the transfer paper. Make sure to follow the directions for the transfer paper you use.

4.) Once printed, you can cut them apart and iron them on to a length of ribbon. Make sure to use a lot of pressure when ironing.

I sew my tags in nearly everything that I make. It gives it a very professional look. It reminds whomever has your handmade item who made it.

Be creative, use your imagination. You can create care labels, labels with your logo and or web address. Whatever you can fit, you can have.

Happy Creating/Happy Sewing


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