OMG…..I Finished a Quilt

How truly unusual.  I feel like I am sometimes on the 10 year plan.
20170406_191847_resized_1This one is older than my daughter (she is the one peaking over the top).  That makes it 13+ years and I am pretty sure it may have actually been started in the late 1990’s….It was definitely prior to 2002.  I remember the house I was living in when I started this.

So, all that aside, I actually like this quilt.  While it is sort of scrappy, it sort of isn’t.  There are a lot of Asian themed fabrics, which I always find 20170329_192333_resizedpretty.  So, I don’t hate the quilting.  It was a new venture for me to do something other than meandering.  Although there is
some meandering.  I remember that I bought the backing a long time ago also.  It looked like bamboo leaves, so I remember grabbing it when I saw it.  Of course I see every quilting mistake (and there are a lot), but I am trying not to focus on those.  I think this has 20170406_192000_resized_1helped me to move onto quilting or at least try quilting other designs in my quilts.  I have no idea what I am doing it with it.  For now, I will hang on to it and wait until the right time to give it away or donate it to charity.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family