OMG Finish!

We certainly live in some crazy times.  Fortunately, I am still employed.  Actually, I still go to the office a couple of days a week.  There are not many of us, so we are a good distance apart.  Honda is considered an essential business.  I don’t mind.

I also missed the deadline to post my finish because I really have no idea what the date is or day of the week.  Everything runs together.   Maybe next month.

You would think that being trapped at home would mean more quilting.  But nooooooo.  I find it hard to get motivated.  Every time the news channel comes on I become glued to the TV.  Not sure why there is no good news.

My poor daughter had to spend her “Sweet Sixteen” in quarantine.

About the One monthly Goal Quilt …I love babies so sometimes I just make baby quilts for no reason.  The colors are a bit odd, but they do sort of go together.  No plans for this one.  It will go to the done stack.20200330_140931

For the quilting, I used my heart ruler.  It really took no time at all.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Stay safe and away from every one



18 thoughts on “OMG Finish!

  1. I’m still working from home so I’ve been keeping up with the days but it’s been a challenge. I also have found it hard to concentrate on sewing & quilting but I’m forcing myself to stay away from the TV. My anxiety level has been off the charts and watching TV only makes it worse! Of course I still look at my phone so it’s hard to get away from it entirely 😦 Nice finish…I love the blues & greens! and the heart quilting is perfect. Stay safe 🙂

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  2. That’s a sweet baby quilt, Lori, I like the heart ruler. I’m glad to hear you are still working, and that everyone is OK there! We are good here, I’m teaching online, so the days go by as usual, just less tracking in dirt!

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  3. Beautiful quilt! Glad to know that we are not alone and many others are feeling unmotivated as well. One would think that with all that time on our hands, we would be churning out quilts like crazy.

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  4. Heck I thought I was the only one who could not focus on quilting – just trying to get my chicken and eggs is a chore but too many greedy hoarders. We have been in the Twilight Zone since Clays hand accident and this just seems the same – what day is it, what is going to happen, and when in the hell will they do his heart procedure and valve replacement.

    If this were a normal year and this “stay indoors” happened I would be sewing up a storm, but! I keep asking God to help me just get through all that is ahead for us. He will be there!

    I am happy that you are still working, but do not feel alone about doing nothing! I like your quilt – so many are making masks, but we keep the good ones on hand for years so lucky there!

    I wish the news media would start talking about positive things and helping people look forward to things getting back to normal. But that is a big leap for those idiots! Gunsmoke and the Rifleman old movies are good for the soul right now!

    What a crummy post – did it uplift you? LOL. Love ya – crazy in LVTX. Stay healthy all!

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  5. Please give your daughter a happy birthday shout out from me…its tough 😦 The baby blanket is wonderful, I actually love the darker colors and pattern. It’s fun and funky! Stay well and healthy – that’s what matters right now. Hugs

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  6. I love the colors of this quilt, and I would have never thought of using big pieces in a quilt but I like it. Something to think about for another project. I am Self-employed and since all my clients but one have canceled my service till further notice I am finding more time on my hands than I would like. Tuesday is about the only day I keep up with since it is the only day I am working out of the house, but I am getting a lot of quilting done and watching a lot of METV (old westerns). I purchased an embroidery machine a few weeks ago so it has been fun learning to use it. Thought I could personalize little touches in my quilts here and there.
    Sorry to hear about your daughters birthday in this crazy time, my grandson had his this week as well. He stood outside with a big sign that past staked at the driveway that read, “Honk it’s my 7th Birthday” and waved at everyone that drove by. A lot of his classmates parents drove his friends by the house, it was kind of neat. But anyway I hope she gets to celebrate soon.
    I am glad to hear that everyone is staying safe.

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